Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 12: 2/2/2017 - Campaign End

Granted a Ship & The Thanks of a Princess


• The two groups of the party meet up and head back to Resolute Base on the speeder bikes.
• As they approach the base, they can see in the distance ships taking off and landing, and the base is fully lit against the night of Jagomir.
• The base is a flurry of activity with beings packing up items, welding torches going, repairs being made to vehicles, and ships being loaded. It is obvious that the base is being evacuated, and at this rate the base will probably be fully evacuated in less than 24 hours. Only empty buildings and the hangars may remain.
• The party notices that The Broken Crown freighter is still on the tarmac.
• The party heads directly to the garage to return the speeder bikes.
• Jam and Von look around in the garage for someone in charge to speak with, and they spot a corporal who is overseeing the packing up of the garage. They ask where Commander Qurno is and are told that he is in orbit aboard the capital ship called The Paragon and is overseeing the evacuation from there.
• Jam and Von ask the corporal about who is the ranking officer on the base currently. It is Major Yalor. They ask to speak with him on an urgent matter and are told to wait here for the major.
• Cypher heads to the barracks to collect any possessions the party left there.
• Hei and Gara head off to The Broken Crown to see if they can board it. The ship is locked.
• Jam and Von show Major Yalor the holovid footage taken in the cave. The major is shocked and bewildered and asks several clarifying questions.
• Jam and Von strongly recommend that The Paragon should do an orbital strike on the coordinates and destroy the place. The major says he will discuss it with Commander Qurno and the captain of The Paragon.
• When asked about the status of The Broken Crown, the major explains that the ship has been transferred over to them and is theirs now.
• Jam and Von ask if they may load the speeder bikes onto The Broken Crown since the garage looks pretty empty at this point. The major agrees
• Cypher joins Hei and Gara at The Broken Crown. When told that the ship is locked, he goes to work and in seconds unlocks it.
• Hei heads to the cockpit and begins adjusting the seat and doing a preflight checklist. Hei and Gara notice a blinking light on the dashboard indicating that a recorded message is waiting to be heard.
• Hei brings up the message: “ C., You will know how to decrypt. –Mr.” Hei wonders aloud who C. is. Gara plays along scratching her head too.
• Hei puts the message aside until Cypher can look at it.
• Jam and Von make a couple of trips and load the three speeder bikes onto the freighter in one of the cargo holds.
• Cypher is informed of the waiting recording and easily decrypts it. When the entire party is gathered in the cockpit, he plays it.
• A small hologram projector on the cockpit’s dashboard shows two human females dressed in evening gowns with their hair styled and wearing jewelry. One is older and of Asian descent. The other is younger.
• When she begins speaking, the party recognizes the older woman as Colonel Setenna Hase of Resolute Base.
• Colonel Hase: “Commander Qurno has informed us of your efforts and speaks highly of you. I can see we choose well when we formed the members of your group judging from the success of your recent mission to Bespin. Well done. Please allow me to introduce Princess Leia Organa of Alliance High Command.”
• Princess Leia Organa: “Thank for your efforts in uncovering a spy on Resolute Base and thwarting what would have undoubtedly been a devastating attack on the base. The Alliance owes you a debt of gratitude.” At this, she flashes a warm smile into the camera.
• Colonel Hase: “It’s been decided to play it safe and evacuate the base. Take this ship that now belongs to you and rendezvous at these included coordinates in a deserted region of Wild Space and await further orders there.”
• The two women nod curtly and the holo recording flickers to black and switches off.
• Using the coordinate given, Cypher easily does the astrogation calculations to get them to the designated location in Wild Space. It will take them about four days to reach the coordinates.
• Hei warms up the ship, and Jam contacts base control for clearance for liftoff, and it is granted.
• Hei sends the ship up into the atmosphere of Jagomir climbing towards space.
• There are lots of ships coming and going. The Broken Crown is hailed.
• Paragon Control: “This is Alliance Frigate Paragon. You have priority clearance to leave Jagomir and be on your way. Over.”
• Jam asks if The Paragon will be doing an orbital strike on the coordinates given to Major Yalor. Paragon Control tells him to hold on. After a couple of minutes Paragon Control comes back on and says that an orbital strike is being prepared and is imminent.
• Jam thanks Paragon Control and says that they will be on their way now.
• Paragon Control: “Have a safe journey and may the Force be with you. Over.”
• Jam replies back, “May the Force be with you as well. Over and out.”
• The Broken Crown jumps into hyperspace.
• Star Wars End Title music begins playing and the credits roll.


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