Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 11: 1/26/2017



• The party cautiously enters the cave. They notice that it is strangely humid inside and smells like rotting meat. The walls and ceiling are dimly luminescent.
• Gara examines the walls closer and sees areas of red and black. The walls look to her flesh-like, as if areas of the walls were healing wounds. She scraps off a sample of the reddish wall to examine closer and take back to the base.
• Soon after she does that, a sound can be heard behind the walls and a shape swims along behind the walls and then bursts out of the wall above where Gara took the sample. It is a nightmarish worm-looking creature with a wide maw of teeth. Gara manages to step back from the wall before the thing bites her.
• The party is quite freaked out now and debates the wisdom of investigating further.
• They decide to go further into the cave on high alert, blasters out.
• They follow a winding corridor when suddenly two of the one-eyed creatures emerge from the walls and attack Von and Jam. Von and Jam are wounded.
• The party opens fire on the creatures and kills them. During the fight the party is careful not to disturb the walls for fear of brining the maw creatures.
• After they continue down the corridor, it opens up into a brighter lit cavern with lots of strange sights in it. There are two passageways leading out to the northeast.
• On the far wall to the west is an area with a bunch of amber-colored embryonic sacks of various sizes with totally alien looking creatures floating within. Nearby is waist high area with rows of little bulbs with small creatures inside each one.
• On the walls to the northeast there’s an area near the ceiling that glows orange in six areas shaped roughly into ovals. There’s also another waist high area with rows of little bulbs with small creatures inside each one.
• To the north is a large wall section that looks different from any other walls seen so far. It is darker in color and has a rubbery, stretched look about it.
• Intrigued, Gara parts from the group and starts making her way towards the wall to the west.
• Before she gets very far, five humanoid shapes emerge from the walls. Four shapes emerge near the party and surround them, two on each side, and one at a distance emerges from a wall to the northeast.
• The four humanoid shapes closest to the party wear strange-looking black armor with what looks like black blades or spikes coming out of the armor at various points. The beings are tall and muscular with bald off-white faces that look vampiric. They have skull-like faces with black tattoos and scars and piercings. They have pointed ears. Where a nose would be on a human, it looks their noses were chopped off and instead there are two flat nostril holes. The four beings each hold a strange looking staff that writhes in their hands like a serpent.
• The fifth creature to the north looks quite different. He is dressed in some kind of robes and is even more scarred up and pierced than the others. Further, he has an apparatus coming from his shoulders that is stretching his mouth into a wicked looking smile.
• The five beings speak in a strange language and seem to be indicating that the party should drop their weapons. Some of the party members comply while others lower their weapons or holster them.
• Jam tries speaking with them to work out a non-violent solution. They seem to understand at least a little of what he’s saying.
• One of the armored beings makes his snake staff go rigid and pokes it at Jam to move forward towards the north of the room. Jam complies reluctantly.
• Jam nears the orange colored ovals in the room and suddenly tentacles come down from the ceiling and begin wrapping themselves around Jam and lifting him upside down and securing him upside flat against the orange ovals. Jam then feels a surge of white hot needles throughout his body.
• Jam tries to struggle against the tentacles holding him in place to free himself, but the pain intensifies. Jam decides to stop struggling and reassess.
• After the party witnesses what happened to Jam, they swing into action picking up their weapons from the floor or drawing their weapons and begin firing.
• During the heated battle, Von is blinded by a yellow glob of spit from one of the snake staffs. Gara is badly wounded, blinded, and drops unconscious to the floor.
• Hei uses autofire on his weapon and does a lot of damage to the armored beings.
• Jam somehow convinces one of the armored beings to free him (perhaps due to his Zeltron pheromones). After he is lowered to the ground, he springs into action and joins the battle.
• During the battle the robed being does something at the bulb station to the north. Soon after, a hulking silhouette can be seen slowly approaching the stretched area of the wall.
• The robed being then runs to another bulb station to the west. Jam manages to shoot the robed being in the back, and the robed being runs away down one of the passageways to the east.
• The hulking silhouette emerges from the wall and is a hideous-looking flesh chimera of various creatues on Jagomir including the missing base personnel. The thing stands over 10 feet tall with a frightening looking mouth and huge arms. It slowly advances towards the party as the last of the armored beings go down.
• Jam pursues the robed being up some stairs and fires into its back. The robed being falls backward down the stairs to rest dead at Jam’s feet.
• The rest of the party starts backing up as the flesh golem ponderously approaches. The party focuses their blaster fire on it as they back up.
• The thing roars at them and causes a couple of the party members to freeze in their tracks from fear.
• Hei scoops up the unconscious Gara, carries her, and backs away.
• Cypher gets out a stimpack and injects it into Gara.
• Gara comes around and lowers her feet to the floor, gets her bearings, and begins firing too at the flesh beast.
• Hei’s hail of autofire manages to rip through the flesh golem’s mouth while the other party members continue to shoot it. This causes it to stagger forward and fall face first.
• At this point the creature is enraged and lashes out with its reach towards Von and knocks Von into a wall. Thankfully, none of the wall mouth creatures come.
• The party notices that the creature’s wounds are starting to mend. They renew their focused blaster fire.
• Jam takes up a position behind the prone beasts and shoots his dueling pistol. The bolt creates a deep and bloody crevice across the thing’s back and head, killing it.
• The room falls silent. The party starts looking around the room more closely.
• Gara takes out her datapad and starts taking a holovid of what’s in the room to show back at the base.
• Cypher approaches one of the bulb areas thinking that it must be a kind of computer. However, as he gets closer he can see that the entire console is made of flesh with bulbs of creatures. He backs away from it.
• Jam picks up one of the writhing snakes staffs expecting it to go rigid, but instead it bends towards his hand hissing and ready to bite. Jam drops the snake staff.
• The party decides to explore the two passageways to the east. They both run parallel to each other and have steps going up that open up into another cavern.
• Inside the room are three large flesh-looking pillars, a pile of bones, and a pit that smells overpoweringly like rotting meat.
• Jam becomes nauseous as he tries to look over the lip of the pit.
• Hei dons his breath mask and approaches the pit and cautiously looks down. Chunks of meat can be seen ,and acid seems to be dissolving them. Hei thinks this may be a stomach of some kind.
• Gara touches the pillars cautiously, but she can’t determine what their purpose is.
• The party notices that there seems to be some kind of a closed flesh door in the room, but it doesn’t have any kind of mechanism to open it. There’s also a passage leading out of the cavern.
• The party follows the winding course of the passage and eventually sees daylight up ahead.
• They emerge into the daylight and take a few moments to enjoy the fresh air and get their bearings.
• They are on the other side of the mountain opposite of where they left the speeder bikes.
• The party decides to head back in and see if they can open the flesh door or just blast it open.
• After scratching their heads on how to open it, Hei and Von decide that they will just open fire on the thing and melt it away.
• As they being firing, the door doesn’t seem to be taking much damage, but then the whole place starts violently shaking as if it’s an earthquake.
• The party decides to head towards the exits. Three of the party members head towards the back exit while Cypher and another party member head back the way they came because the speeder bikes are that way.
• The whole place continues to shake violently. The wall mouth creatures are pursuing the two groups of party members from behind the walls.
• Cypher loses his balance and falls at one point near a wall surface, but he manages to dodge a biting mouth creature and make his way outside.
• Once all of the party members are outside, they call each other on their commlinks and discuss how they will get back to the base.
• It’s decided that the two groups will go down their sides of the mountain. The group that went out the backside will circle around the base of the mountain and meet the rest of the party halfway to then get on the speeder bikes and head back to the base.



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