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Session 1: 7/28/2016
New Recruits Assembled


Upon arrival at Resolute Base, Lieutenant Var Narek identifies five individuals for an impending operation. All are new recruits to the Alliance, consisting of four Humans and a Zeltron. Sergeant Urel Haydon briefs them on the layout of the base, shows them to their quarters, and releases them for the evening. They are to attend a meeting first thing in the morning to receive their assignment.

The five strangers split up to examine the base. Jam Mabejam, the affable Zeltron, heads to the base cantina and engages in a friendly game of sabacc and wins a healthy number of credits. Gara, a medical doctor, helps aid the wounded survivors of the recently evacuated Rebel base on Arda I. She finds her way to the base hospital, where she meets Dr. Lorren Morrick, who thanks her for her assistance. Parend Jemini, an information broker known as the alias – Cypher, examines the base computer system to learn what he can about the base and current events. He is followed by Hei, a rustic young fringer from the Outer Rim, who observes for a while before losing interest and seeking out the cantina as well. After claiming the first bunk and grooming himself for a while, Huan, a reserved middle-aged man, has a walk around the base to observe the activities and better learn the layout. All but Gara eventually end up in the cantina and share a drink while getting to know one another before the evening curfew.

In the morning, they are all led to a briefing room where they are greeted by Commander Danel Qurno, a Duros senior officer, who introduces the base commander, Colonel Setenna Hase. Colonel Hase briefs the recruits on the details of their first mission. She points out that their combined skillsets should prove sufficient to accomplish the goal.

Operation Yellow Flame, the Alliance’s code name for the mission, involves the team heading to Cloud City in the Bespin system aboard a YT-2400 light freighter captained by an Echani female named Stella Ruse. The objective is to find out who, how, and why someone is betting on Imperial and Alliance space battles and making statistically anomalous predictions of the outcomes. They have seven standard days to return to the base with their findings. They are to gather intelligence only and are not to engage Imperial agents or alert the Cloud City Wing Guard to their presence or purpose.

The journey takes two days, during which the recruits, now labeled Womp Rats 37, get to know the ship, The Dauntless, and the crew. In addition to Captain Ruse, the crew consists of Human siblings Colst and Kay, a Jawa mechanic named Makk Su, and the astromech R9-AU. Captain Ruse explains that she and her crew have a separate mission of their own in Cloud City, but she will lend assistance if she is able.

Upon arrival at Cloud City, the ship is boarded and inspected by the Wing Guard, who explain that their is a major sabacc tournament underway and heightened security measures have been put in place. No weapons are permitted outside of the docking bay. After the inspection, the team begin their intelligence gathering by booking a hotel room to gain access to the local computer system.

In the hotel room, Cypher slices the system and looks for additional information on the first of the three leads they were given, involving a well-dressed Human with a wide brimmed hat an a walking stick that collected winnings at the Pair O’Dice, a ritzy casino located in the city’s upper levels. The slicer carefully covers his digital tracks while learning that a man matching the description of this subject, named Jaygo Fres, but locally known as “The Touch”, is on a list of known cheaters at another gambling establishment. The Four-and-a-Half, appears to be an illegal establishment, who’s location is not in the directory.

Cypher and Huan work together to find an engage the local underworld elements in hopes of finding the secret location while Jam, Gara, and Hei head to the Pair O’Dice to see if they can learn anything additional from the patrons or staff there. Unfortunately, they are stopped by the Wing Guard for being looking out of place in the cloudside part of the city and turned away, despite their best efforts to persuade them otherwise. Meanwhile, Cypher and Huan manage to find the location of the Four-and-a-Half after some time and a greased palm or two. Not very encouraging, It is known to be the roughest locale in Cloud City. Contacting the others, they arrange to meet up to find the seedy gambling parlor together.

Following the instructions they were given, they head to the 124th level and locate a maintenance access hatch that leads them through the bowels of the city to their destination. Once inside, Jam approaches a Twi’lek dancer and learns that the place is run by Waz, an Arcona underworld boss. Gara attempts to deceive Waz into putting her in contact with Jaygo Fres by claiming that she has a delivery of medical supplies for him. The suspicious Waz claims that he doesn’t know anyone by that name. Seeing his comrade struggling to win over the boss, Jam makes his own attempt to fool Waz with a rather weak story of his own. His patience quickly exhausted, the Arcona has Jam tossed out, but rather politely asks Gara to leave under her own power. The three remaining operatives try not to draw attention to themselves while figuring out their next step.

Session 2: 8/18/2016
Bar Fight!


Cypher and Huan examine the gambling terminals in the gaming area to determine how they can be exploited. Cypher decides that it is probably too risky to try to slice into the terminals, given their easily observable position. Perhaps a distraction would help?

Waz apparently changes his mind about the pair of strangers he just expelled and sends three thugs with shock batons after each of them, which persuades both Jam and Gara to return to the Four-and-a-Half to be questioned. They are placed in separate rooms and chat with their guards while they wait for Waz.

At the bar, Hei is bumped into by a Trandoshan who appears to be agitated and then approached by an angry Twi’lek who tells him to move. Hei tries unsuccessfully to intimidate the duo and, thinking the better of it, surrenders his seat. Seeing this an opportunity, Huan attempts to push an unsuspecting patron into the Trandoshan to start a fight, but ends up falling into a chair, which makes the pair of criminals snicker. Following Huan’s lead, Hei ups the ante by throwing a table at them, which knocks them down.

Waz enters the room with Jam and attempts to stare him down before asking him how he knows about Jaygo Fres. Jam’s response is rambling and colorful and even mostly true, but Waz does not believe him.

Taking advantage of the surprise attack, Hei kicks the Trandoshan while he is still on the ground, which only appears to anger him even more. Noticing that the Twi’lek is carrying a concealed holdout blaster, Hei rushes him in an attempt to tackle him and take his weapon. With the other patrons now distracted by the fight, Cypher quickly attempts to slice the terminal and in his haste, sets off a silent alarm in the system.

Waz next attempts to interrogate Gara, who also shares a somewhat confusing explanation which is mostly true, yet ultimately unconvincing. He is interrupted by the sound of blaster fire and leaves to find out what is going on.

After scuffling a bit longer with no telling blows landed on either side, Huan eventually takes his opponents blaster and accidently discharges it into the ceiling. Seeing the Trandoshan now reaching for his own blaster, Huan starts a panic by yelling, “The Wing Guard!” Cypher finds and exploits a backdoor in the system and discovers an interesting outgoing file that appears to be encrypted but sets off another alarm while downloading it.

In a bid to win over the goons guarding him, Jam complements one of them in a way that his companion finds uncomfortable. Convinced that he isn’t a threat, the guards let Jam leave. Gara incapacitates her captors by using neurotoxin and makes her escape, coming face to face with Jam and his guards. Noticing the general state of panic in the bar, the goons react quickly and rush off to maintain order. Waz is standing alone, trying to make sense of the chaotic scene, just in front of Gara and Jam, who rather quickly hatch a plan to grab him.

Hei and Huan are carried away with the crowd, effectively disengaging them from the duo they were fighting with. Cypher heads for the exit that the crowd isn’t using, ignoring his companions. With tranquilizer in hand, Gara and Jam try to take Waz unaware, but he senses their approach and puts up a fight. Jam manages to slap binders on Waz, enabling Gara to administer the tranquilizer and with Hei’s help, they manage to carry Waz out the exit that Cypher had taken. Huan made his escape through the other exit, following the crowd.

The group finds a suitable place to stash Waz and hide and Huan eventually meets up with them. When Waz starts to regain consciousness, Jam takes advantage of his delirium and convinces him that he is Jaygo Fres. Through questioning, the Rebels learn that all of the recent winners they are investigating work for Waz, who is being directed by a shadowy figure that provided the program with the algorithm that is predicting the outcomes of the battles between the Empire and Rebel Alliance. Waz doesn’t know who this person is and has never met them.

Cypher is able to decrypt the message that he downloaded from the gambling terminal, which appears to be an outgoing automated message stating that the gambling of interest is increasing in frequency and for higher wagers. The message was sent to Hanger 310 on level 127 and addressed to Teemo the Hutt.

Believing that there could be valuable data about the shadowy figure on Waz’s datapad back in the Four-and-a-Half, Cypher attempts to sneak back in and procure it. Unfortunately, the way is blocked by some of Waz’s thugs and an armored man that seems to be directing them. Cypher is spotted, so he casually approaches them and tells them that he has information about Waz’s whereabouts. The man in charge turns out to be a bounty hunter who has been directed to find Waz. Despite his best efforts, Cypher isn’t able to gain the man’s trust. When they take him back to the bar, Cypher finally recognizes the man from his Underworld ties as Ult Kryze, a Mandalorian warrior.

He tries again to convince Kryze to trust him to allow him access to Waz’s datapad to give him details on how to find him. The security on the datapad proves too difficult for Cypher to slice immediately, but he finds a clue that would help on a second attempt. Before he can do so, however, the datapad is taken from him and he is told to leave.

Session 3: 8/24/2016
Waz's Data Pad & The Colorful Uncle Eddie


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

After stunning Ult’s henchmen, the party obtained Waz’s data pad. Slicing into it revealed a shadowy figure with a computerized voice instructing Waz that the betting frequency and amounts will increase and that couriers will continue to be used. The transmission came from somewhere in the uppermost level of Cloud City.

Unable to contact Captain Ruse again or any of her organic crew, JAM and CYPHER persuaded the astromech droid R9-AU to divulge the captain’s mission. She was to meet with the Ugnaughts and purchase tibanna gas on behalf of the Alliance.

In the Tibanna Boom cantina HEI encountered his colorful Uncle Eddie who claimed to be in trouble with the Wing Guard and in need of credits. A negotiated deal sent Uncle Eddie into the industrial levels to search for the Ugnaught seen in the mission video known as Zoz.

Frustrated by the betting leads drying up, GARA and JAM bought upscale clothing and visited the Pair O’Dice casino and paired up with a couple of well-heeled patrons in the hope of finding new leads.

Meanwhile, a call from Waz and a visit by his thugs accompanied by a certain hulking Trandoshan and vicious-looking Twi’lek caused HUAN, HEI, and CYPHER to bolt from the Tibanna Boom cantina and head to hangar 31 D on level 127. There, a Gamorrean exited the hangar allowing HUAN and CYPHER to dart inside, but HEI was too slow and was cut off from his allies as Waz’s goons approach….

Session 4: 9/4/2016
Joaz & The Vulgar


• Cypher and Huan investigated the hangar and went aboard the ship inside which turned out to be the bounty hunter’s ship. A furry sentient creature inside fired his blaster at you and Cypher. You were wounded (stim packed later to full health) before Cypher found a blaster on the ship and incapacitated the furry guy so that you could both exit the ship and get away.
• Outside the hangar door Hei pretended to be browsing a jewelry vendor’s wares while keeping an eye on the hangar door. In the end, the Gamorrean came back and confronted Waz’s goons congregating outside the hangar door. Then the Wing Guard got involved sorting both sides of the issue.
• At this point Hei learned that Cypher and Huan were exiting the hangar through another door, so Hei walked away from the hangar where the Wing Guard was stilling sorting out the confrontation.
• Meanwhile, Jam saw a Zeltron female enter the Pair O’Dice casino with what turned out to be an Imperial officer. The Zeltron female was wearing a shock collar.
• Jam decided to rescue her and confronted the officer and started a fight.
• With the help of Gara, Jam and the Zeltron woman and Gara dash out of the casino and pull a “Huan trick” by saying that the casino is giving out free credits and causing a stampede that thwarted the Imperial officer from catching up to the group.
• Cypher remembers an area of Waz’s data pad that he didn’t investigate much before. He looks at it again and finds records of a courier service called Cloud Express (think FedEx). Some of the dates and times match up pretty closely to the mission briefing betting.
• Huan and Cypher open the back of the data pad and try to remove the tracking chip there, but the chip activates and shuts the data pad completely off with new security.
• Uncle Eddie reports in to Hei. Eddie learned where the Ugnaught Zoz lives but was not able to visit the home because it was guarded by some Ugnaughts Uncle Eddie had pissed off.
• Uncle Eddie also saw an armored man with a blaster rifle talking with a Cathar woman about some “bonus credits” in front of an area in the maintenance levels that appeared to be guarded.
• Uncle Eddie is paid the balance of his negotiated credits and heads off to the nearest cantina for a drink.
• The entire group decides to meet at the Terminus cantina to contact the Rebel Alliance person and figure out next steps.
• Huan removes the shock collar (with some help from Gara) from the Zeltron woman named Joaz with no problem (there was a risk of possibly blowing her head off).
• She is paid a couple hundred credits by the party. She plans to head back to either Zeltros or visit her sister at a shadowport called Port Tooga. Her sister has a shop there.
• At the Terminus cantina, the party learns from a droid that the Zabrak contact for the Alliance has not shown up for work which is completely out of character for him. The party assumes something bad has happened to him.
• The astromech droid AU tells Cypher that tibanna gas was successfully negotiated by Captain Ruse and delivered to the ship, but no word from Captain Ruse or the rest of the organic crew. AU hopes that the party will investigate and try to rescue them if something happened.
• The group kicks around the pros and cons of what to do next. There’s a day and a half left before the group needs to head back to base as instructed.
• Huan offers his opinion that there’s still time to try and complete the mission. Perhaps the lead of Cloud Express should be looked into.
• The party talks about applying for jobs at Cloud Express and learning more about Cloud Express such as the layout of the headquarters in the upper level of Cloud City.

Session 5: 10/6/2016
Major Clues from Cloud Express!


• 3:30 PM local time at the Terminus cantina.
• The party resolves to investigate Cloud Express.
• Soon after the group leaves the cantina, Huan feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and sees only some of his party members walking nearby, but Huan notices a hooded figure regarding him.
• Huan pretends to tie his shoe and watches the hooded figure as it approaches him.
• The being pulls back the hood revealing a very pale-skinned woman with long black hair wearing some kind of cybernetic visor over her eyes.
• Huan recognizes her as someone from his past that he helped escaped the Empire. Her name is Tavaa Gedoor “Tav.” She is a Miraluka (they don’t have eyes and “see” using the Force). She addresses Huan as “Sector Chief,” and she claims that she sensed him nearby while on this level.
• Huan is skeptical and suspicious of the coincidence of finding someone like this on the other side of the galaxy. He gives Tav a hug and secretly checks for weapons during the hug but finds none.
• Answering Huan’s questions, Tav explains that she used to be a poetry scholar, but she is now a nurse that works for a hospital on this level and does some in-home care. She has had to reinvent herself and pretend to have cybernetic eyes to conceal her identity.
• Tav indicates that she doesn’t believe in coincidences. There is some kind of a reason why they would meet like this on the other side of the galaxy.
• Tav is very grateful for the assistance that Huan rendered to help her escape the Empire. She wants to repay him in some way and brings up giving Huan whatever credits she has on her person right now.
• Huan doesn’t seem interested in taking her credits. He accepts her comm number and indicates that he will contact her should he need anything while on Cloud City.
• They hug again and Huan checks her again for weapons during the hug but doesn’t find any. They part ways.
• Huan explains to the party some about Tav.
• The party decides to call Cloud Express and indicate that they have a 400 pound package for pickup at an address on a fairly deserted street.
• The Cloud Express hover truck arrives and Jam convinces the human male driver that the package is in an alley.
• The driver gets his hover lift out of the truck and steers it into the alley.
• Once there, the other party members hiding in the alley all fire stun bolts into the driver.
• Hei takes the driver’s uniform and ID badge. He puts on the Cloud Express uniform and gets into the driver’s seat of the hover truck.
• The other party members climb into the back of the truck.
• Hei starts heading to Cloud Express headquarters located at the uppermost level of Cloud City.
• While driving, Hei notices that the truck has a GPS system in the dashboard that flashes green if you are following directions to your next pickup/delivery. It goes red if you go off route.
• The party discusses what to do about this.
• Cypher gets a call from the astromech droid AU on his comlink. AU explains in veiled language that a droid is with him sent by the Alliance that wishes to meet with Cypher. AU also explains that the droid claims to know Cypher.
• Cypher tells AU that the group is busy right now, but he will call back in a couple of hours.
• Cypher slices into the GPS systems and renders it inactive.
• Hei pulls the truck over to the side of the lane, and Huan tries to disable the lights on the truck so that the truck is in need of maintenance at HQ. Huan isn’t able to disable the lights, so he makes a minor adjustment to the truck’s gyroscope mechanism.
• At Cloud Express’ HQ, Hei finds an area in the cavernous distribution area to park the truck so that it is relatively out of the way of beings and droids going back and forth working.
• There’s a staff locker room nearby, so Hei exits the truck and goes into the locker room and manages to find four uniforms that will fit each of the other party members. Unfortunately, the uniforms are “not fresh.”
• Jam boxes up his nice clothes into a Cloud Express box to carry around with him.
• The group exits the truck and manages to not draw any undue attention until Gara trips and falls over a truck charging cord about 30 feet from the truck. A number of beings and droids rush to help her up.
• A Cloud Express executive passes by, and the group decides to follow him figuring that the executive will likely lead them on an area with computer terminals.
• Huan opts to stay behind and create a distraction so that Cypher can do his slicing without drawing attention.
• Jam finds a place to change back into his nice clothing and pass himself off as a Cloud Express executive.
• Following the executive, the executive goes into an operations area where there are computer terminals. Cypher and Jam slip in behind him.
• Cypher approaches a computer terminal, and Jam looks over the shoulder of a Cloud Express employee monitoring internal surveillance footage. The rest of the party waits in the hallway.
• By this point, Huan has rammed the hover truck into a wall, scraped the truck alongside another parked truck, and then he begins doing donuts with the truck in the cavernous distribution area.
• This causes quite a disturbance at Cloud Express, and security is dispatched to deal with the issue.
• Jam tries to get all of the employees to leave the operations room to go handle the disturbance, but they explain that they send people for that sort of thing.
• Jam watches the security agents approaching Huan’s circling truck. Jam decides to go assist Huan.
• Meanwhile with the distraction going on, Cypher slices into the Cloud Express system and uses it to look up delivery information found on Waz’s data pad and from the mission briefing. Cypher easily sees a pattern among the deliveries and learns the following clues about the deliveries: BlasTech Industries W. Vollyn gives packages to Cloud Express that are then delivered to Lutrillian Imports/Exports and signed for by a M. Ahal. From Lutrillian Imports/Exports Cypher can trace the deliveries that are shown in Waz’s data pad. Cypher also has now the address of Lutrillian Imports/Exports.
• Satisfied that he has found some major clues, Cypher exits the control room and heads back towards the delivery trucks with Gara and Hei.
• While doing donuts, Huan yells out the window that he can’t make the truck stop. Security yells at him how to slow down and make the truck stop, so Huan gradually slows the donuts down to a stop.
• Security thinks that Huan is either drunk, on spice, or a vandal. They get ready to contact the Wing Guard when Jam steps in with a commanding voice and convinces security that Huan is some sort of misbehaving employee of his. Further, Gara is nearby and he motions her forward as a doctor to examine Huan.
• Security looks at Gara in a regular employee jumpsuit uniform and don’t seem to be buying that she is a doctor, so Jam quickly orders them to start cleaning up the mess of the hover truck immediately. They jump to and begin carrying out his orders while Jam, Gar, Huan, and the rest of the party move off towards a different area in the distribution level and truck.
• The party piles into a new truck, and Hei drives them out of Cloud Express HQ with Cypher turning off the GPS.
• The group discusses the merits of investigating BlasTech Industries or Lutrillian Imports/Exports.
• Cypher looks up the addresses and background of both businesses and sees if he can find a W. Vollyn and M. Ahal. Nothing for W. Vollyn, but M. Ahal appears to be Maysano Ahal, the owner of Lutrillian Imports/Exports—a small business of about 20 employees.
• The general consensus of the group is that it would be wiser to investigate first Lutrillian Imports/Exports rather than poking around in the affairs of a galaxy spanning business like BlasTech Industries.
• Cypher remembers to call the astromech droid AU, and he arranges to meet the new droid visitor at a food court on the level where The Dauntless is.
• The party all gets some food and waits for the droid who approaches right on time and walks straight up to Cypher.
• The droid’s exterior is polished copper in color. He has a body similar to a protocol droid except for his head which is long like an IG-88 droid or a bullet. His body is somewhat transparent, and you can see some of his wires, gears, and circuitry. He has one eye photoreceptor that turns slowly and regards you.
• The droid introduces itself as M9-R5 or “Miner.” At the word “Miner,” it clicks for Cypher who this is. Cypher always thought Miner was an organic Alliance slicer like him, but it turns out that Miner is a droid. Cypher has had past dealings with this droid while doing work for the Alliance.
• Miner explains that he was sent to make contact with the party because the Alliance is no longer receiving regular reports from Captain Ruse or the Alliance contact on Cloud City.
• Cypher explains the current state of their mission and what is known about the disappearance of Captain Ruse and the Alliance contact.
• Miner stresses that finding out what happened to Captain Ruse and trying to rescue her if possible should be an important secondary mission for the group.
• Cypher offers up Waz’ data pad to see if Miner can squeeze any more information out of it. Miner accepts the data pad and indicates that he will start working on the data pad immediately once he is back at the ship with AU and checks in with the Alliance.
• Miner asks if the group needs anything else or has questions. Hei responds that some credits would be nice, say 300 credits. Miner looks over Hei and motions for Hei’s commlink. Hei hands it over and with a few key strokes Miner transfers 300 credits to Hei.
• Miner then leaves with the data pad.
• Huan decides that he should call Tav and ask her to meet them in the food court.
• Tav answers and indicates that she has to go to work in a couple of hours, but that she will be there in about 30 minutes.
• The group discusses next steps. It’s decided that trying to find Captain Ruse should be the next order of business followed by a trip to Lutrillian Imports/Exports to visit Maysano Ahal.
• Tav shows up, and Jam offers his seat to her.
• During the course of the conversation, Huan conveys that he is still skeptical about all of this.
• Hei asks her about her background and where she works as a nurse. It is consistent with her earlier story and seems to check out.
• During the conversation when she is not talking, Tav seems to enter a kind of meditative state and takes in the aura of each of the party members in turn.
• Tav offers up that she thinks the group may be working for the Alliance and would like to help in some way.
• She explains that she has some weak Force powers that may be of use.
• Jam explains that they are looking for a missing Echani woman named Captain Stella Ruse and her organic crew comprising of two human siblings and a Jawa: Colst , Kay, and Makk Su.
• Tav can’t promise anything but she offers to use her gifts to try and get any kind of clues about their whereabouts. She will try before she goes to work and after her shift.
• Huan is skeptical about all of this, but thanks her for any help she may be able to provide.
• As Tav gets up, she leans in close to Huan’s ear and whispers something to him. She then departs.
• The party leaves the food court and start making their way down into the lower maintenance levels of Cloud City.
• While traveling, Hei gets a call from Uncle Eddie.
• Uncle Eddie explains in somewhat slurred speech that he happened to be looking through the bounty postings for Cloud City and saw that there were very recent bounties posted for Hei’s companions. Two Imperial bounties: 5,000 credits for Jam alive and 1,000 credits for Gara alive. Their pictures, name information, and last known whereabouts outside the Pair O’Dice casino were detailed. Two Bounty Hunter’s Guild bounties: 2,500 credits for Cypher alive and 1,000 credits for Huan alive. No information about who posted the bounties or why. The bounties haven’t been marked by any bounty hunters indicating that they are claimed by a hunter who will be pursuing them. The only other information is whom to contact with the Empire and Bounty Hunter’s Guild if the hunt is successful.
• Hei thanks Uncle Eddies and looks up the bounties himself. It is as Uncle Eddie outlined. Hei comments to the party that this will make things more difficult, and time is running out on Cloud City. He also wonders why there isn’t a bounty posted on him.
• Following Uncle Eddie’s directions about where the guarded area and Zoz’s house are, the group continues to make their way down into the maintenance levels.
• The maintenance areas are hot, loud with clanking and hissing, shadowy, and smells of lubricants and heated metal.
• Hei leads the way and manages to deposit the party in an area near Zoz’s house. The party wants to try to talk to Zoz first.
• While the party sneaks their way closer towards Zoz’s house, Jam tries to keep his fine clothing clean and inadvertently is noticed by two Ugnaught workers who approach him curiously and casually brandishing large tools in their hands.
• Jam takes a knee and speaks with them at their level. Jam takes out his data pad and offers to give it to them in exchange for information.
• They can understand him, but Jam can’t understand them. One of them motions to hand over the data pad and brings up a translation program. The Ugnaught types his information in, and it is translated into Basic for Jam.
• Through a combination of charm and negotiation, Jam manages to learn the following from the Ugnaughts: Uncle Eddie was down here roughing up some Ugnaughts while looking for Zoz. The Ugnaughts banded together and chased off/beat up Uncle Eddie. The Ugnaughts were guarding Zoz’s house to protect him and his family from Uncle Eddie. An armored man with a blaster rifle and a cat woman have been seen down here but not recently. However, a human woman and a group of human men were seen down here more recently. The Ugnaughts ask why Jam is down here by himself and comment how it is not safe, but Jam brushes off the question and steers the conversation elsewhere. Jam asks about the labor dispute among the Ugnaughts that he has heard about. The two Ugnaughts are reluctant to talk about this internal matter, but Jam’s soothing talk and empathy convinces them to let down their guard. They explain that the labor dispute is about one faction of Ugnaughts insisting that the tibanna gas equipment be maintained and function to exacting specs as it always has while the other faction complains that the equipment keeps not functionally properly and has to be fixed repeatedly. When the fixes are done, the fixes aren’t quite up to the exacting specs. The whole dispute is essentially a quality dispute about the equipment and how it functions. High quality versus good enough quality.
• Jam thanks the Ugnaughts for the information and gives them his data pad. The Ugnaughts walk off happily towards their work tasks.
• Jam explains what he learned to the rest of the party once they emerge from the shadows.
• 9:00 PM. The party continues to advance stealthily towards Zoz’s house.

Session 6: 10/20/2016
Answers from Zoz & Storming the Guarded Area


• An Ugnaught guard sitting in a chair outside of Zoz’s home is approached by Hei, Gara, and Jam.
• Huan and Cypher hang back out of sight in case things go wrong.
• The guard is suspicious at first, but after the group talks with him he eventually allows the three party members to go inside to meet with Zoz.
• A group of male Ugnaughts of various ages greets the three party members. The Ugnaughts are casually holding hydrospanners and other tools in their hands. Zoz is one of the Ugnaughts.
• Jam does most of the talking. A deal is negotiated to pay 50 credits and treat Zoz’s mother-in-law in exchange for information.
• From Zoz’s answers to the questions, the following is learned: He was hired by Waz and doesn’t know anything about the mysterious being in shadow. The credit stick pickups and drop-offs are in cantinas all over Cloud City. Zoz has a comm device that seems to operate off some sort of randomized instructions about where to pick up the credits, where to place the bets, and where to drop off the winnings. This job is a main source of income for Zoz’s family. Zoz also indicates that there have been sightings of a human woman and four human males on this maintenance level recently.
• Gara has academic knowledge of Ugnaught physiology. She examines Zoz’s mother-in-law. The mother is found to have pneumonia, and Gara gives instructions about a home remedy that should have the mother-in-law up and about in a week or so.
• Huan joins Hei, Gara, and Jam. From a quick look at Zoz’s comm device, Huan can tell that it is a higher end encrypted device and probably erases any instructions sent to it after 30 minutes have elapsed.
• Hei tries to intimidate Zoz into giving him the comm device. Zoz gets angry and speaks into a comm device to presumably summon more Ugnaughts. The party leaves in haste.
• While the entire group of five meet up to share information and discuss next steps, Tav is briefly mentioned.
• At that moment, Huan gets a call from Tav. She explains that her first attempt to use the Force to find Captain Ruse and her crew only resulted in a feeling of dread. When she tried again later though, she received some brief sensory impressions involving being in a warm place with lots of clanging, hissing sounds, and smelling of burnt metal and petroleum. She then had a brief vision of a dark room and something spherical and black rising in the darkness. Shen then had as a final fragment a loud scream of terror and a sense of intense cold and blackness.
• Huan is again skeptical of all of this, but he thanks her for the help and relays what he learned back to the party.
• Cypher has the idea to use his general purpose scanner to try and locate Captain Ruse and her organic crew on this level. He first tries scanning for comm signals in the area, but he only detects Ugnaught communications. He then confers with Gara about normal Ugnaught body temperature and tries scanning for non-Ugnaughts in the area. The scan is inconclusive. There seems to be too much heat and interference in this area to get accurate readings.
• Cypher then gets a call from Miner about the results of digging further into Waz’s data pad. Miner dryly points out that he was not told that the data pad had a tracking mechanism in it. Miner relays that after some difficulty he was able to disable the tracking mechanism. As a result of this and as a precaution, Miner had AU move Captain Ruse’s ship to a different level and hangar.
• Miner found some new information on the data pad about a YV-666 freighter belonging to Waz called the Morning Kath.
• He also discovered that recently a shipment of four Tenloss DX-2 pistols (highly illegal disruptor pistols) was delivered to Waz’s ship marked expedited.
• Miner inquires if the party needs any additional assistance, or if he should leave and report back to the Alliance. Cypher thinks it over and says that Miner should report back to the Alliance.
• Miner wishes the party luck on completing the mission.
• Meanwhile, the Rodian named Von wakes up to find himself tied to a metal chair in a dim room.
• After trying various tactics, Von finally manages to free himself by rubbing the rope against a sharp edge on a carbonite slab.
• Von can see that there are four carbonite slabs. Each contains the shape of a humanoid, but it is difficult to see more than that.
• Von looks around the room and miraculously finds a discarded and rusty box cutter on the floor. Using the box cutter, Von works on picking the lock on the only door in this room.
• The party decides to investigate the guarded area that Uncle Eddie found.
• Cypher uses the general scanner on this area and detects eight life forms in the area. He also gets a general idea of what’s behind the door to the guarded area.
• Cypher decides to peak around the corner to the south where the door to the guarded area is.
• He is immediately spotted by a human guard with a blaster rifle and a Gamorrean armed with an axe.
• Cypher takes off running down the corridor to the west. The human guard takes off after him.
• Hei, Gara, Huan, and Jam fire stun bolts into the human as he enters the intersection. The guard slumps to the metal floor. Cypher takes the blaster rifle off of him.
• The Gamorrean is seen speaking into a comm unit.
• Hei charges the Gamorrean firing his blaster on stun. Gara follows after him.
• The Gamorrean takes a stun bolt and staggers. He manages to find his footing and starts desperately working on the door mechanism to go inside.
• Gara fires a stun bolt into the Gamorrean’s head and the Gamorrean collapses to the floor.
• Huan and Cypher work on the door lock and manage to unlock it.
• The party press themselves to either side of the door and open the door.
• A volley of blaster fire screams down the hallway towards the party.
• There are four beings down the hallway using open doorways for partial cover as they fire at the party. A being is stationed to the north, another to the south, and two beings fire from the door to the east opposite the party.
• The doorway to the north has a human male with a blaster rifle. His blaster fire manages to hit Hei.
• Gara tends to Hei’s injury.
• The party focuses its blaster fire on the being with the blaster rifle and take him down. A human male collapses into the middle of the hallway.
• Meanwhile, dual blaster pistols are firing from the south. A flash of red hair can be seen in the doorway.
• The party focus their fire on the dual blaster wielding being and wound her severely judging from the cry and hiss she makes. A female voice from inside the room winces in pain that she is giving up.
• Cypher enters the hallway and makes for the doorway to the north.
• Meanwhile the two beings in the east doorway continue their barrage of blaster fire.
• Von manages to pick the lock open and opens the door. He sees a room with a being strapped to a metal table, a couple of metal chairs, and a chest.
• Some movement to his right catches Von’s eye. He turns to look and sees rising from the floor the dread black sphere of an Imperial Interrogation Droid floating towards him.
• Thinking fast, Von dashes back into the room he came from and emerges with the metal chair. He interposes the chair between himself and the droid uses the chair to push the droid back into a corner.
• Cypher takes up position in the doorway to the north. The party fires back at the two beings at the end of the hallway to the east and manage to down one.
• Von tries to shove the chair deeper and wedge it onto the Interrogation Droid. While he is doing this, he sees a panel open on the droid, and a nozzle emerges. Something green is then shot out towards the face of Von, but Von manages to dodge the spray. Behind him, the green spray hits the metal wall and drips down, hissing on the metal.
• Von decides to make a run for the chest and crosses the room. He throws open the chest and sees his things inside.
• One of the party members shouts to the last being firing to give up because he is outnumbered.
• The being withdraws into the room and thinks things over for a couple of seconds, perhaps regarding his fallen comrade near him. The being then says okay, and his blaster rifle is turned stock first towards the party then lowered slowly to the floor.
• The party tells him that he is free to leave. A Nikto tentatively comes out from around the door then sprints towards the exit.
• Hei doesn’t like the deal of letting the Nikto go and perhaps doesn’t like the look of the Nikto charging towards him, so he shoots him, catching the Nikto in the gut. The Nikto cries out in surprise and drops to the floor, nursing his stomach in agony.
• Cypher detects movement behind and turns around to see a dark green Rodian reaching for something in a chest and raises his blaster rifle, shaking his head in warning.
• The Rodian points frantically at the Interrogation droid with a chair wedge on it floating towards them.
• The Rodian continues reaching for the chest, so Cypher quickly changes the setting to stun and fires. The stun blast makes the Rodian woozy.

Session 7: 11/3/2016
Rescuing Captain Ruse & a New Rodian Friend


• The Imperial Interrogation Droid advances menacingly towards Cypher and Von. It warns the party to surrender and claims that reinforcements are on the way. The droid is quickly dispatched.
• The Zabrak male named Quado is freed from the metal table and healed up by Gara. He is the Alliance contact from the Termius cantina. During his torture sessions he gave up some Alliance codes and information about past missions on Cloud City.
• The Rodian named Von is questioned and after giving some Alliance passphrases is accepted as being on the same side.
• Quado and Gara thaw the four carbonite slabs in the other room. This frees Captain Ruse, Colst, Kay, and Makk Su. After being examined and the medical ministrations of Gara, Colst is in the worst shape suffering from hibernation sickness.
• Huan is out in the hallway re-stunning the Gamorrean and human guards.
• The Nikto and the Cathar named Sunoha are questioned. Sunoha claims to be an associate of Ult Kryz but offers up little more in the way of information.
• Quado and Captain Ruse urge the party to leave this area.
• Captain Ruse asks where Huan is.
• As the party departs out the entrance, Hei is stopped cold by two warning blaster shots coming from either end of the corridor.
• Ult Kryze in full Mandalorian armor, Peep, and a human thug are to the north.
• A dark-haired regal looking woman and several armed humans are to the south.
• The dark-haired woman speaks to the party with a haughty Core Worlds accent telling them to surrender by putting down their weapons and kneeling in front of the wall with their hands behind their heads.
• Hei balks at the idea of surrendering pointing out that the party has some of their group as prisoners.
• The dark-haired woman counters that that door is the only exit and that a murder corridor has been created by her group and the group to the north. They have five minutes to decide.
• Hei retreats back into the hallway and confers with the rest of the group.
• The option of surrendering is quickly discarded. Captain Ruse is asked for her assessment and offers up that we should make them come in to get us. We can dig in and fortify our positon if we act quickly.
• The party begins making preparations by taking positions in doorways and behind tables.
• Sunoha offers up a possibly alternative option. She asks if the party has Waz’s datapad and would be willing to hand it over to Ult. The party doesn’t have the data pad anymore. Sunoha thinks things over and asks if the party would be willing to offer full disclosure to Ult about what they’ve learned about the gambling operation. She explains that Ult is willing to work with the Empire because they pay well, but he doesn’t really like them. It is more important to Ult’s reputation to complete the mission for the Hutt that hired him.
• There’s some dissent in the party, but ultimately the terms are agreed to. Sunoha calls Ult using Cypher’s comm unit. Ult agrees to the terms, warning that full disclosure is what is being agreed to.
• Hei sets up an electronet trip wire at the doorway.
• The five minutes are up, and the group to the south moves towards the door.
• Ult and his group surprise the group to the south and begin firing on them.
• One of the humans tries to scramble in through the doorway but is electrocuted by the trip wire and shot in the back by a blaster bolt.
• Among the blaster fire in the hallway, a distinct sounding blaster can be heard.
• When it is quiet in the hallway, Ult looks around the corner, then comes striding through the doorway asking to speak with Cypher.
• Jam has some reservations about giving Ult all of the information and tries to communicate that to Cypher, but Cypher opts to honor the deal and tells Ult about everything they have learned up to this point. He only leaves out how they obtained some of the information.
• Cypher exchanges information on his data pad with Peep.
• Hei inquires if the bounties placed on Cypher and Huan can be removed. Ult explains that he put the bounties on them due to breaking into his ship, stealing a blaster pistol, and wounding Peep (Peep makes an obscene gesture at Cypher).
• When ships are mentioned during the conversation, Quado subtly nudges Jam. Later, it is learned that Quado did this to suggest that he had a ship of his own that could be used.
• Ult wants the blaster pistol back, so Cypher hands it over.
• Hei offers that the party could owe a favor to Ult. Ult thinks this over and agrees.
• During the conversation Hei lets it slip that there are more of the Xandy clan on Cloud City. Ult seems to find this interesting and amusing for some reason. Hei tries to cover things up by indicating that there are several more Xandy on Cloud City.
• Ult asks where Huan is. No one knows.
• The dark-haired woman escaped the battle.
• Ult and his crew leave.
• Quado, Captain Ruse, Colst, Kay and Makk Su head for Captain Ruse’s ship.
• Hei searches for clues about Huan’s disappearance. It appears that he was hit with a stun bolt while standing near the unconscious human guard. Further, it looks like he was taken to a nearby service elevator that goes up several maintenance levels.
• The party decides to make their way towards Captain Ruse’s ship. Once there, the plan is to contact the Alliance and see what the Alliance thinks should be done next. Stay on Cloud City a little longer or return immediately to Resolute Base.

Session 8: 11/17/2016
A Tempting Ship & Return to Base


• The party heads to Captain Ruse’s ship.
• As they are about 5 minutes away Gara gets a call from Kay warning them to not come to the ship. The Wing Guard are here, and a detective is questioning Captain Ruse about the whereabouts of the party-especially Huan and Jam. Kay explains that Captain Ruse is claiming that the party were just passengers they picked up from the planet Sullust, and that recently they beat up Colst to cover for Colst’s hibernation sickness.
• Gara suggests to Kay to try diverting the Wing Guards’ attention by saying that they got word that Huan was recently seen on level 1 of Cloud City. Kay says she will pass that suggestion along to Captain Ruse.
• Kay also indicates to Gara that Quado has offered the use of his ship as a hideout and use to leave Cloud City if needed. Kay relays the hangar and ship security codes.
• The party decides to head to Quado’s ship.
• As they are making their way there, Cypher gets a call from Ult. Ult wants to call in his favor now and have the party stake out the dark-haired woman’s ship and kill her if she shows up there. Ult explains that it would be very bad for all of them if she manages to contact the Empire and update them. Cypher asks Ult about the identity of the dark-haired woman. Ult indicates that her name is Lt. Commander Bella Vel and that she is an agent for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). Cypher asks what Ult is doing about this issue in the meantime. Ult explains that he is staking out the Imperial Consulate on Cloud City in case she shows up there. Ult is convinced that she will do one of three things: 1) Show up at her ship, 2) Show up at the Imperial Consulate, or 3) Go to ground and hide on Cloud City.
• Cypher relays the information to the party. Reluctantly, they head to the level and hangar indicated by Ult.
• Hei realizes that his blaster rife is not very well hidden. Gara helps him hide it better by making it look like he has a hump on his back.
• The ISB agent’s ship is located on level 9 in a swank area with lots of premium shopping and restaurants.
• Jam’s nice robes have a hole in them from combat, so he wants to get some attire to replace his robes and better hide his identity from the Wing Guard.
• Jam goes into a clothing shop that has a nice cloaked robe in the display window while the rest of the party fans out trying to blend in with the crowd.
• Jam chats up a Twi’lek female behind the register and manages to sweet talk her into giving him an employee discount on the robe he is buying. He is turned down though when he asks for her commlink info.
• Two Wing Guard officers are spotted in the distance walking towards the vicinity of the party.
• The party fans out more and some of the party members busy themselves or talk to nearby beings.
• The Wing Guard officers pass behind Hei. He overhears a snippet of conversation about blaster fire being reported in the vicinity of the Imperial Consulate.
• After Jam exits the store with his new robe and puts the hood up, the party continues the rest of the way towards the hangar entrance.
• Cypher gets out his slicing gear and makes his way toward the hangar door.
• The party fans out again to keep watch and cause a distraction if necessary while Cypher works.
• Gara and Jam notice in the crowd outside of the hangar the Cathar Sunhoa blended into the crowd at a table with a hood covering her features.
• Gara and Sunhoa make eye contact. Gara decides to approach and walks towards her. In response, Sunhoa lowers her hand towards a blaster hidden under a robe.
• Jam tries to circle around behind Sunhoa.
• Sunhoa stands up and bolts down the corridor at a full run.
• She runs past the vicinity where Von is. Von elects to follow her, but she continues to run at a full sprint. Von watches her until she runs out of sight—not wanting to run after her and draw additional attention.
• Cypher approaches the hangar door and finds that it is curiously unlocked.
• Fortuitously, a nearby shop’s display light flickers and explodes, causing a fire on the nearby clothing in the display window. The beings inside the store run to try and put out the rapidly spreading fire.
• Nearby beings all turn their attention towards the fire.
• Cypher opens the hangar door and darts in. The rest of the party quickly darts in behind him, and Cypher shuts the door.
• Inside is a very shiny and pristine Sorosuub 3000 Luxury Yacht. The party marvels at the ship called Finesse.
• Jam makes a circuit around the hangar perimeter, checking for anything suspicious in the hangar and finds nothing other than some crates and maintenance hoses.
• The party goes up the boarding ramp of the yacht and finds that the door to the ship appears to be unlocked. The party becomes very uneasy at this.
• Cypher calls Ult and asks him about Sunhoa running from them. Ult says that he did send her to watch the hangar, but he is at a loss as to why she ran off. Cypher asks about the disturbance overheard at the Imperial Consulate and the fate of the dark-haired woman. Ult explains that Lt. Commander Bella Vel is now dead. Ult indicates that if he was in Cypher’s position that he would investigate the yacht to find out more about what’s going on.
• Thinking that all of this is very strange and suspecting a trap or being set up for something, Hei decides to take a defensive position behind the boarding ramp while the rest of the party begins a hasty retreat from the hangar.
• The party decides to make their way to Quado’s ship to contact the Alliance.
• After a failed attempt by Cypher to disable the weapons detector in the hangar, the party reluctantly parts with all of their weapons.
• Using the security codes from Quado, the party enters the hangar and finds a somewhat beat up Ghroc 720 light freighter called The Broken Crown.
• The party uses the other set of security codes and enters the ship and starts it up.
• Hei receives a call from Uncle Eddie but decides to not answer it. A voice mail is left on Hei’s commlink that Hei listens to a few minutes later. It appears to be an unintentional call from Uncle Eddie. His muffled voice can be heard in the background talking to a couple of laughing females and the sounds of liquor being poured and glass clinks can be heard.
• The party contacts the Alliance and gives them an update on the current state of the mission. The Alliance indicates that it would be nice if the party could learn more about the gambling scheme (or they will need to send in another team in to investigate further), but it is also clear that the party is being pursued by multiple parties on Cloud City, and time is running out fast. The Alliance leaves it up to them whether to stay longer on Cloud City or return to base.
• The party elects to return to base and departs immediately. Von makes a successful astrogation check, and Hei pilots the ship.
• During the two days in hyperspace, Gara keeps to herself. Jam, Hei, and Cypher get to know Von.
• Von works on modifying his blaster.
• The ship emerges into real space and makes its way towards the swamp and jungle planet Jagomir.
• Resolute Base contacts them and gives them clearance to land.
• As the ship comes in for a landing on the freighter end of the tarmac, Hei can see that about a dozen Alliance soldiers are standing in formation at attention to greet them.
• The boarding ramp is lowered, and the party exits the ship.
• Lt. Var Narek greets them and has the soldiers salute them out of respect for a successful mission. He welcomes them back to the base and indicates that there will be a debriefing meeting in one hour.
• The party is relieved to see that Captain Ruse’s ship is nearby and powered down.
• Wanting his gear off of Captain Ruse’s ship, Jam approaches the ship and is greeted by the astromech droid AU. AU greets Jam enthusiastically and from the beeps and bops seems to be thanking him for his part in rescuing Captain Ruse and her crew. AU allows Jam aboard to retrieve his gear.
• While heading towards the barracks to stow their gear and relax a little before the debriefing, the party notices that the mood of the personnel aboard Resolute Base seems to be more somber than before.
• Gara approaches a nearby solider and inquiries about the mood of the base. She is told that a total of six soldiers have gone missing while on patrol. Presumably, the native wildlife got them, but no one has been able to find tracks and determine what exactly happened to any of them.
• Von seems keenly interested in this news since the swamp and jungle world of Jagomir is similar to his home world Rodia that used to have vicious predators on it.
• At the debriefing meeting, the Duros Commander Danel Qurno and the human Lt. Var Narek interview the party and ask for their theories on the gambling scheme. One theory offered up is that BlasTech Industries may be behind all of this.
• Commander Qurno is concerned about the possible link between BlasTech and the tibanna gas purchased from the Ugnaughts. He gives orders that the gas be carefully inspected before it is unloaded off of Captain Ruse’s ship.
• Commander Qurno is also very disturbed that the Cloud City operative Quado was discovered by the Empire. Given what is known, that shouldn’t have been possible. There seems to be a missing piece there.
• Lt. Var Narek points out to Hei that Uncle Eddies appears to have collected the bounty on the missing Huan. Huan is likely in the hands of the Empire now.
• Hei believes that his uncle is capable of doing something like this, but Hei is skeptical that he could pull off capturing Huan by himself.
• Lt. Var Narek also shows the party that Imperial bounties have been placed on each of them at 5,000 credits. Ult Kryze has claimed that he is pursuing these bounties.
• Commander Qurno is concerned about the party’s welfare. This Mandalorian bounty hunter seems both intelligent and battle capable, a dangerous combination.
• The party is congratulated for a successful mission of unraveling much of the gambling scheme and for rescuing Quado and Captain Ruse and her crew.
• A silver protocol droid comes in with several boxes, and Commander Qurno pins Alliance medals on each of the party members and salutes them. Hei, Gara, Cypher, and Jam receive the Distinguished Service Medal, and Von receives the Infantryman’s Badge. Huan is also recorded as having been awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.
• The party has earned at least a day of R&R, and they may request something of the Alliance if they wish. They may also choose a new code name for the group.
• Von asks Commander Qurno a few questions about the six missing soldiers and volunteers his services in trying to determine what happened to them. The commander welcomes any help that can be provided.

Session 9: 12/8/2016
Intrigue at Resolute Base


• Following the debriefing, the group heads to the base’s cantina. Captain Ruse and her crew and Quado thank them for the rescue and start buying them and the rest of the cantina drinks. Hei, Jam, and Von overindulge. Hei and Jam cut loose in the cantina. Gara and Cypher drink moderately and turn in early.
• Jam wakes up in bed with a woman he doesn’t remember and a splitting headache.
• The party goes to see the Sullustan Major Yalor about the six missing base personnel and learn about the coordinates of the last disappearance to the west. The major suggests seeking Dr. Morrick about some medicinal flowers that can be obtained outside the base. The major warns of the indigenous Bog Spitter toad creatures. He also grants the use of three speeder bikes and a carrying net.
• Gara goes to see Dr. Morrick and learns about some Kelda Lilies that can be used to augment the base’s anti-venom supplies. The lilies have been seen growing to the east.
• Gara notices that some of the soldiers seem to be subtly watching her. When she approaches the soldiers on the pretense of being lost, they seem unsure what to do and perhaps a little fearful.
• Gara tells Jam and the rest of the party about this. She thinks they may be after the drugs in her medical kit.
• Von and Gara visit the quartermaster to upgrade their weaponry.
• The party departs the base on the speeder bikes and head west towards the coordinates of the last disappearance.
• Jam is leading the way, but he has trouble controlling his speeder bike. Perhaps due to his hangover or just not being very adept at operating the bike, he manages to embarrass himself a couple of times by rolling the bike in midair then vomiting.
• Hei take the lead and directs the party to park the speeder bikes and head the remaining 200 yards on foot through the jungle/swamp. Hei covers the speeder bikes with some camouflage.
• When the party arrives at the coordinates and looks around, there’s not much in the ways of clues. There’s a bit of a cliff face sloping down to a vista of jungle below.
• Cypher does a scan on his data pad for humanoid sized lifeforms.
• He detects a fast moving object on the edge of his scanning range heading perpendicular to the party in a westerly direction.
• Hei and the rest of the party run back to the speeder bikes and take off after the object.
• When they catch up to it, they see a very strange looking creature running on all fours vaguely canine-like. It is large and muscular with black skin and spikes protruding from its back. It’s has a skull-like jawline and very sharp looking teeth and claws. Its most noticeable feature though is that it has one big baleful-looking green eye in the center of its head.
• Von and Hei masterfully steer their speeder bikes to make tight circles around the creature and pen it in.
• The creature comes to a stop and takes in the situation and prepares to leap over the circling speeder bikes.
• Gara for all her medical knowledge has never seen or heard of a creature that looks like this. She decides to take a shot at it before it leaps.
• In response to the blaster bolt, the creature leaps at the speeder bike Hei is driving and knocks Gara off the bike and to the ground.
• Hei dismounts from the bike placing the speeder bike between Gara and the creature and shoots at the creature.
• Von and Cypher also shoot at the creature.
• After downing the creature, Gara opens up its belly to check the stomach contents. There are buttons, a zipper, and some undigested clothing. The smell from the opened beast is overwhelmingly foul. The arrangement of the creature’s organs and some unrecognizable organs is puzzling to Gara.
• The remains of the strange creature are loaded into the carrying mesh of Jam’s speeder bike.
• The group decides to explore the terrain in the direction the creature was running towards.
• At the beginning of some dense jungle foliage is a large boulder, and one of the party members spots what looks like something buried in the ground and purposely covered over to disguise the disturbed ground.
• As the party approaches the boulder to investigate further, they notice that it looks like something was once attached to the boulder’s face.
• Jam, Von, and Hei take up defensive positions while Gara prepares to unearth what was buried.
• Cypher gets out his scanner and prepares it for scanning the area.
• Before anything else can be done, loud rustling can be heard coming towards the party.
• Two giant centipede-looking creatures rear up and begin attacking the party.
• Hei is badly wounded during the fray by the front pincers of the centipedes. Gara attends to his wounds.
• Jam, Von, and Cypher do the majority of the shooting at the monstrous things.
• At one point Von opens a hole in the armor of one of the centipedes and Cypher expertly finishes it off by sending a blaster bolt into the exposed area.
• After the creatures are killed, Gara examines them and notices that their front pincers have venom sacks. Hei is lucky that he wasn’t poisoned. Gara decides to extract the venom from the pincers.
• The party decides that it should bring back to base the head of one of the centipedes as proof of what they encountered.
• Gara digs into the earth in front of the boulder and finds a savagely smashed device broken into multiple pieces. It is made of black metal and has wires and circuits. It would be round in shape if the pieces were reassembled.
• Cypher looks it over and determines that it is high end tech designed to send communications off world.
• The device has no obvious marking on it, but after the dirt is wiped off of it some a strange white glyph can be seen. No on in the party recognizes the glyph. The device is packed up.
• Since it will be dark soon, the party decides to start heading back to base.
• One the way back to base, the sharp eyes of one of the party members sees another area of ground that looks like it has been disturbed.
• Gara and Jam dig into the ground and find a metal box with something small rolling around inside.
• Fearing that the metal box may be booby-trapped with poison gas or something, Gara decides that it would be best if the box was opened under controlled conditions back at the base.
• The party returns to base and shows Lt. Narek what they found.
• Many of the base personnel gawk at the awful smelling split open creature, and some of them retch from the smell.
• Gara takes the metal box and goes off to the sick bay to try and open it.
• The stink from the very strange beast is on her and causing wrinkled noses from the base personnel, so Gara decides to visit the refresher and shower first.
• Jam detects that the lieutenant is acting strangely about the smashed up device and metal box. When he asks about this and later insists on pursuing this more aggressively, the lieutenant pulls rank on him and says that Commander Qurno should see what the party has found.
• Some of the party notice that a few of the base personnel seem to be watching them subtly.
• When the commander inspects the smashed communication device, he and the lieutenant openly share a look of concern. When asked about this, the commander explains that a similar device was found right before the base at Arda I was attacked and the Alliance had to evacuate and set up this new base on Jagomir. The commander remarks that Alliance personnel managed during the surprise attack to do an orderly evacuation and do some damage to the Empire in the process.
• Jam tries to highlight for the commander the lieutenant’s strange behavior. The lieutenant shrugs off his behavior with an excuse, and the commander doesn’t seem to take Jam’s insinuations about the lieutenant seriously.
• Freshly showered, Gara heads to the sick bay. Dr. Morrick is off duty, so Gara decides that she will open the metal box herself.
• An on duty medic insists on assisting Gara, and hw direct her to a medical containment box and fetches hazmat suits for the two of them to wear.
• After donning the hazmat suits, Gara places the metal box in the medical containment box and carefully opens it.
• Inside is a data stick.
• The party begins to be concerned that there may be one or more spies on the base. Perhaps even a network of spies. A theory is floated among the party members that perhaps the six base personnel that disappeared uncovered something about the spying and were disposed of using the local wildlife as a cover.
• The party is reluctant to go to bed in light of these revelations.


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