Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 2: 8/18/2016
Bar Fight!


Cypher and Huan examine the gambling terminals in the gaming area to determine how they can be exploited. Cypher decides that it is probably too risky to try to slice into the terminals, given their easily observable position. Perhaps a distraction would help?

Waz apparently changes his mind about the pair of strangers he just expelled and sends three thugs with shock batons after each of them, which persuades both Jam and Gara to return to the Four-and-a-Half to be questioned. They are placed in separate rooms and chat with their guards while they wait for Waz.

At the bar, Hei is bumped into by a Trandoshan who appears to be agitated and then approached by an angry Twi’lek who tells him to move. Hei tries unsuccessfully to intimidate the duo and, thinking the better of it, surrenders his seat. Seeing this an opportunity, Huan attempts to push an unsuspecting patron into the Trandoshan to start a fight, but ends up falling into a chair, which makes the pair of criminals snicker. Following Huan’s lead, Hei ups the ante by throwing a table at them, which knocks them down.

Waz enters the room with Jam and attempts to stare him down before asking him how he knows about Jaygo Fres. Jam’s response is rambling and colorful and even mostly true, but Waz does not believe him.

Taking advantage of the surprise attack, Hei kicks the Trandoshan while he is still on the ground, which only appears to anger him even more. Noticing that the Twi’lek is carrying a concealed holdout blaster, Hei rushes him in an attempt to tackle him and take his weapon. With the other patrons now distracted by the fight, Cypher quickly attempts to slice the terminal and in his haste, sets off a silent alarm in the system.

Waz next attempts to interrogate Gara, who also shares a somewhat confusing explanation which is mostly true, yet ultimately unconvincing. He is interrupted by the sound of blaster fire and leaves to find out what is going on.

After scuffling a bit longer with no telling blows landed on either side, Huan eventually takes his opponents blaster and accidently discharges it into the ceiling. Seeing the Trandoshan now reaching for his own blaster, Huan starts a panic by yelling, “The Wing Guard!” Cypher finds and exploits a backdoor in the system and discovers an interesting outgoing file that appears to be encrypted but sets off another alarm while downloading it.

In a bid to win over the goons guarding him, Jam complements one of them in a way that his companion finds uncomfortable. Convinced that he isn’t a threat, the guards let Jam leave. Gara incapacitates her captors by using neurotoxin and makes her escape, coming face to face with Jam and his guards. Noticing the general state of panic in the bar, the goons react quickly and rush off to maintain order. Waz is standing alone, trying to make sense of the chaotic scene, just in front of Gara and Jam, who rather quickly hatch a plan to grab him.

Hei and Huan are carried away with the crowd, effectively disengaging them from the duo they were fighting with. Cypher heads for the exit that the crowd isn’t using, ignoring his companions. With tranquilizer in hand, Gara and Jam try to take Waz unaware, but he senses their approach and puts up a fight. Jam manages to slap binders on Waz, enabling Gara to administer the tranquilizer and with Hei’s help, they manage to carry Waz out the exit that Cypher had taken. Huan made his escape through the other exit, following the crowd.

The group finds a suitable place to stash Waz and hide and Huan eventually meets up with them. When Waz starts to regain consciousness, Jam takes advantage of his delirium and convinces him that he is Jaygo Fres. Through questioning, the Rebels learn that all of the recent winners they are investigating work for Waz, who is being directed by a shadowy figure that provided the program with the algorithm that is predicting the outcomes of the battles between the Empire and Rebel Alliance. Waz doesn’t know who this person is and has never met them.

Cypher is able to decrypt the message that he downloaded from the gambling terminal, which appears to be an outgoing automated message stating that the gambling of interest is increasing in frequency and for higher wagers. The message was sent to Hanger 310 on level 127 and addressed to Teemo the Hutt.

Believing that there could be valuable data about the shadowy figure on Waz’s datapad back in the Four-and-a-Half, Cypher attempts to sneak back in and procure it. Unfortunately, the way is blocked by some of Waz’s thugs and an armored man that seems to be directing them. Cypher is spotted, so he casually approaches them and tells them that he has information about Waz’s whereabouts. The man in charge turns out to be a bounty hunter who has been directed to find Waz. Despite his best efforts, Cypher isn’t able to gain the man’s trust. When they take him back to the bar, Cypher finally recognizes the man from his Underworld ties as Ult Kryze, a Mandalorian warrior.

He tries again to convince Kryze to trust him to allow him access to Waz’s datapad to give him details on how to find him. The security on the datapad proves too difficult for Cypher to slice immediately, but he finds a clue that would help on a second attempt. Before he can do so, however, the datapad is taken from him and he is told to leave.

Session 1: 7/28/2016
New Recruits Assembled


Upon arrival at Resolute Base, Lieutenant Var Narek identifies five individuals for an impending operation. All are new recruits to the Alliance, consisting of four Humans and a Zeltron. Sergeant Urel Haydon briefs them on the layout of the base, shows them to their quarters, and releases them for the evening. They are to attend a meeting first thing in the morning to receive their assignment.

The five strangers split up to examine the base. Jam Mabejam, the affable Zeltron, heads to the base cantina and engages in a friendly game of sabacc and wins a healthy number of credits. Gara, a medical doctor, helps aid the wounded survivors of the recently evacuated Rebel base on Arda I. She finds her way to the base hospital, where she meets Dr. Lorren Morrick, who thanks her for her assistance. Parend Jemini, an information broker known as the alias – Cypher, examines the base computer system to learn what he can about the base and current events. He is followed by Hei, a rustic young fringer from the Outer Rim, who observes for a while before losing interest and seeking out the cantina as well. After claiming the first bunk and grooming himself for a while, Huan, a reserved middle-aged man, has a walk around the base to observe the activities and better learn the layout. All but Gara eventually end up in the cantina and share a drink while getting to know one another before the evening curfew.

In the morning, they are all led to a briefing room where they are greeted by Commander Danel Qurno, a Duros senior officer, who introduces the base commander, Colonel Setenna Hase. Colonel Hase briefs the recruits on the details of their first mission. She points out that their combined skillsets should prove sufficient to accomplish the goal.

Operation Yellow Flame, the Alliance’s code name for the mission, involves the team heading to Cloud City in the Bespin system aboard a YT-2400 light freighter captained by an Echani female named Stella Ruse. The objective is to find out who, how, and why someone is betting on Imperial and Alliance space battles and making statistically anomalous predictions of the outcomes. They have seven standard days to return to the base with their findings. They are to gather intelligence only and are not to engage Imperial agents or alert the Cloud City Wing Guard to their presence or purpose.

The journey takes two days, during which the recruits, now labeled Womp Rats 37, get to know the ship, The Dauntless, and the crew. In addition to Captain Ruse, the crew consists of Human siblings Colst and Kay, a Jawa mechanic named Makk Su, and the astromech R9-AU. Captain Ruse explains that she and her crew have a separate mission of their own in Cloud City, but she will lend assistance if she is able.

Upon arrival at Cloud City, the ship is boarded and inspected by the Wing Guard, who explain that their is a major sabacc tournament underway and heightened security measures have been put in place. No weapons are permitted outside of the docking bay. After the inspection, the team begin their intelligence gathering by booking a hotel room to gain access to the local computer system.

In the hotel room, Cypher slices the system and looks for additional information on the first of the three leads they were given, involving a well-dressed Human with a wide brimmed hat an a walking stick that collected winnings at the Pair O’Dice, a ritzy casino located in the city’s upper levels. The slicer carefully covers his digital tracks while learning that a man matching the description of this subject, named Jaygo Fres, but locally known as “The Touch”, is on a list of known cheaters at another gambling establishment. The Four-and-a-Half, appears to be an illegal establishment, who’s location is not in the directory.

Cypher and Huan work together to find an engage the local underworld elements in hopes of finding the secret location while Jam, Gara, and Hei head to the Pair O’Dice to see if they can learn anything additional from the patrons or staff there. Unfortunately, they are stopped by the Wing Guard for being looking out of place in the cloudside part of the city and turned away, despite their best efforts to persuade them otherwise. Meanwhile, Cypher and Huan manage to find the location of the Four-and-a-Half after some time and a greased palm or two. Not very encouraging, It is known to be the roughest locale in Cloud City. Contacting the others, they arrange to meet up to find the seedy gambling parlor together.

Following the instructions they were given, they head to the 124th level and locate a maintenance access hatch that leads them through the bowels of the city to their destination. Once inside, Jam approaches a Twi’lek dancer and learns that the place is run by Waz, an Arcona underworld boss. Gara attempts to deceive Waz into putting her in contact with Jaygo Fres by claiming that she has a delivery of medical supplies for him. The suspicious Waz claims that he doesn’t know anyone by that name. Seeing his comrade struggling to win over the boss, Jam makes his own attempt to fool Waz with a rather weak story of his own. His patience quickly exhausted, the Arcona has Jam tossed out, but rather politely asks Gara to leave under her own power. The three remaining operatives try not to draw attention to themselves while figuring out their next step.

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