Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 9: 12/8/2016

Intrigue at Resolute Base


• Following the debriefing, the group heads to the base’s cantina. Captain Ruse and her crew and Quado thank them for the rescue and start buying them and the rest of the cantina drinks. Hei, Jam, and Von overindulge. Hei and Jam cut loose in the cantina. Gara and Cypher drink moderately and turn in early.
• Jam wakes up in bed with a woman he doesn’t remember and a splitting headache.
• The party goes to see the Sullustan Major Yalor about the six missing base personnel and learn about the coordinates of the last disappearance to the west. The major suggests seeking Dr. Morrick about some medicinal flowers that can be obtained outside the base. The major warns of the indigenous Bog Spitter toad creatures. He also grants the use of three speeder bikes and a carrying net.
• Gara goes to see Dr. Morrick and learns about some Kelda Lilies that can be used to augment the base’s anti-venom supplies. The lilies have been seen growing to the east.
• Gara notices that some of the soldiers seem to be subtly watching her. When she approaches the soldiers on the pretense of being lost, they seem unsure what to do and perhaps a little fearful.
• Gara tells Jam and the rest of the party about this. She thinks they may be after the drugs in her medical kit.
• Von and Gara visit the quartermaster to upgrade their weaponry.
• The party departs the base on the speeder bikes and head west towards the coordinates of the last disappearance.
• Jam is leading the way, but he has trouble controlling his speeder bike. Perhaps due to his hangover or just not being very adept at operating the bike, he manages to embarrass himself a couple of times by rolling the bike in midair then vomiting.
• Hei take the lead and directs the party to park the speeder bikes and head the remaining 200 yards on foot through the jungle/swamp. Hei covers the speeder bikes with some camouflage.
• When the party arrives at the coordinates and looks around, there’s not much in the ways of clues. There’s a bit of a cliff face sloping down to a vista of jungle below.
• Cypher does a scan on his data pad for humanoid sized lifeforms.
• He detects a fast moving object on the edge of his scanning range heading perpendicular to the party in a westerly direction.
• Hei and the rest of the party run back to the speeder bikes and take off after the object.
• When they catch up to it, they see a very strange looking creature running on all fours vaguely canine-like. It is large and muscular with black skin and spikes protruding from its back. It’s has a skull-like jawline and very sharp looking teeth and claws. Its most noticeable feature though is that it has one big baleful-looking green eye in the center of its head.
• Von and Hei masterfully steer their speeder bikes to make tight circles around the creature and pen it in.
• The creature comes to a stop and takes in the situation and prepares to leap over the circling speeder bikes.
• Gara for all her medical knowledge has never seen or heard of a creature that looks like this. She decides to take a shot at it before it leaps.
• In response to the blaster bolt, the creature leaps at the speeder bike Hei is driving and knocks Gara off the bike and to the ground.
• Hei dismounts from the bike placing the speeder bike between Gara and the creature and shoots at the creature.
• Von and Cypher also shoot at the creature.
• After downing the creature, Gara opens up its belly to check the stomach contents. There are buttons, a zipper, and some undigested clothing. The smell from the opened beast is overwhelmingly foul. The arrangement of the creature’s organs and some unrecognizable organs is puzzling to Gara.
• The remains of the strange creature are loaded into the carrying mesh of Jam’s speeder bike.
• The group decides to explore the terrain in the direction the creature was running towards.
• At the beginning of some dense jungle foliage is a large boulder, and one of the party members spots what looks like something buried in the ground and purposely covered over to disguise the disturbed ground.
• As the party approaches the boulder to investigate further, they notice that it looks like something was once attached to the boulder’s face.
• Jam, Von, and Hei take up defensive positions while Gara prepares to unearth what was buried.
• Cypher gets out his scanner and prepares it for scanning the area.
• Before anything else can be done, loud rustling can be heard coming towards the party.
• Two giant centipede-looking creatures rear up and begin attacking the party.
• Hei is badly wounded during the fray by the front pincers of the centipedes. Gara attends to his wounds.
• Jam, Von, and Cypher do the majority of the shooting at the monstrous things.
• At one point Von opens a hole in the armor of one of the centipedes and Cypher expertly finishes it off by sending a blaster bolt into the exposed area.
• After the creatures are killed, Gara examines them and notices that their front pincers have venom sacks. Hei is lucky that he wasn’t poisoned. Gara decides to extract the venom from the pincers.
• The party decides that it should bring back to base the head of one of the centipedes as proof of what they encountered.
• Gara digs into the earth in front of the boulder and finds a savagely smashed device broken into multiple pieces. It is made of black metal and has wires and circuits. It would be round in shape if the pieces were reassembled.
• Cypher looks it over and determines that it is high end tech designed to send communications off world.
• The device has no obvious marking on it, but after the dirt is wiped off of it some a strange white glyph can be seen. No on in the party recognizes the glyph. The device is packed up.
• Since it will be dark soon, the party decides to start heading back to base.
• One the way back to base, the sharp eyes of one of the party members sees another area of ground that looks like it has been disturbed.
• Gara and Jam dig into the ground and find a metal box with something small rolling around inside.
• Fearing that the metal box may be booby-trapped with poison gas or something, Gara decides that it would be best if the box was opened under controlled conditions back at the base.
• The party returns to base and shows Lt. Narek what they found.
• Many of the base personnel gawk at the awful smelling split open creature, and some of them retch from the smell.
• Gara takes the metal box and goes off to the sick bay to try and open it.
• The stink from the very strange beast is on her and causing wrinkled noses from the base personnel, so Gara decides to visit the refresher and shower first.
• Jam detects that the lieutenant is acting strangely about the smashed up device and metal box. When he asks about this and later insists on pursuing this more aggressively, the lieutenant pulls rank on him and says that Commander Qurno should see what the party has found.
• Some of the party notice that a few of the base personnel seem to be watching them subtly.
• When the commander inspects the smashed communication device, he and the lieutenant openly share a look of concern. When asked about this, the commander explains that a similar device was found right before the base at Arda I was attacked and the Alliance had to evacuate and set up this new base on Jagomir. The commander remarks that Alliance personnel managed during the surprise attack to do an orderly evacuation and do some damage to the Empire in the process.
• Jam tries to highlight for the commander the lieutenant’s strange behavior. The lieutenant shrugs off his behavior with an excuse, and the commander doesn’t seem to take Jam’s insinuations about the lieutenant seriously.
• Freshly showered, Gara heads to the sick bay. Dr. Morrick is off duty, so Gara decides that she will open the metal box herself.
• An on duty medic insists on assisting Gara, and hw direct her to a medical containment box and fetches hazmat suits for the two of them to wear.
• After donning the hazmat suits, Gara places the metal box in the medical containment box and carefully opens it.
• Inside is a data stick.
• The party begins to be concerned that there may be one or more spies on the base. Perhaps even a network of spies. A theory is floated among the party members that perhaps the six base personnel that disappeared uncovered something about the spying and were disposed of using the local wildlife as a cover.
• The party is reluctant to go to bed in light of these revelations.


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