Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 8: 11/17/2016

A Tempting Ship & Return to Base


• The party heads to Captain Ruse’s ship.
• As they are about 5 minutes away Gara gets a call from Kay warning them to not come to the ship. The Wing Guard are here, and a detective is questioning Captain Ruse about the whereabouts of the party-especially Huan and Jam. Kay explains that Captain Ruse is claiming that the party were just passengers they picked up from the planet Sullust, and that recently they beat up Colst to cover for Colst’s hibernation sickness.
• Gara suggests to Kay to try diverting the Wing Guards’ attention by saying that they got word that Huan was recently seen on level 1 of Cloud City. Kay says she will pass that suggestion along to Captain Ruse.
• Kay also indicates to Gara that Quado has offered the use of his ship as a hideout and use to leave Cloud City if needed. Kay relays the hangar and ship security codes.
• The party decides to head to Quado’s ship.
• As they are making their way there, Cypher gets a call from Ult. Ult wants to call in his favor now and have the party stake out the dark-haired woman’s ship and kill her if she shows up there. Ult explains that it would be very bad for all of them if she manages to contact the Empire and update them. Cypher asks Ult about the identity of the dark-haired woman. Ult indicates that her name is Lt. Commander Bella Vel and that she is an agent for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). Cypher asks what Ult is doing about this issue in the meantime. Ult explains that he is staking out the Imperial Consulate on Cloud City in case she shows up there. Ult is convinced that she will do one of three things: 1) Show up at her ship, 2) Show up at the Imperial Consulate, or 3) Go to ground and hide on Cloud City.
• Cypher relays the information to the party. Reluctantly, they head to the level and hangar indicated by Ult.
• Hei realizes that his blaster rife is not very well hidden. Gara helps him hide it better by making it look like he has a hump on his back.
• The ISB agent’s ship is located on level 9 in a swank area with lots of premium shopping and restaurants.
• Jam’s nice robes have a hole in them from combat, so he wants to get some attire to replace his robes and better hide his identity from the Wing Guard.
• Jam goes into a clothing shop that has a nice cloaked robe in the display window while the rest of the party fans out trying to blend in with the crowd.
• Jam chats up a Twi’lek female behind the register and manages to sweet talk her into giving him an employee discount on the robe he is buying. He is turned down though when he asks for her commlink info.
• Two Wing Guard officers are spotted in the distance walking towards the vicinity of the party.
• The party fans out more and some of the party members busy themselves or talk to nearby beings.
• The Wing Guard officers pass behind Hei. He overhears a snippet of conversation about blaster fire being reported in the vicinity of the Imperial Consulate.
• After Jam exits the store with his new robe and puts the hood up, the party continues the rest of the way towards the hangar entrance.
• Cypher gets out his slicing gear and makes his way toward the hangar door.
• The party fans out again to keep watch and cause a distraction if necessary while Cypher works.
• Gara and Jam notice in the crowd outside of the hangar the Cathar Sunhoa blended into the crowd at a table with a hood covering her features.
• Gara and Sunhoa make eye contact. Gara decides to approach and walks towards her. In response, Sunhoa lowers her hand towards a blaster hidden under a robe.
• Jam tries to circle around behind Sunhoa.
• Sunhoa stands up and bolts down the corridor at a full run.
• She runs past the vicinity where Von is. Von elects to follow her, but she continues to run at a full sprint. Von watches her until she runs out of sight—not wanting to run after her and draw additional attention.
• Cypher approaches the hangar door and finds that it is curiously unlocked.
• Fortuitously, a nearby shop’s display light flickers and explodes, causing a fire on the nearby clothing in the display window. The beings inside the store run to try and put out the rapidly spreading fire.
• Nearby beings all turn their attention towards the fire.
• Cypher opens the hangar door and darts in. The rest of the party quickly darts in behind him, and Cypher shuts the door.
• Inside is a very shiny and pristine Sorosuub 3000 Luxury Yacht. The party marvels at the ship called Finesse.
• Jam makes a circuit around the hangar perimeter, checking for anything suspicious in the hangar and finds nothing other than some crates and maintenance hoses.
• The party goes up the boarding ramp of the yacht and finds that the door to the ship appears to be unlocked. The party becomes very uneasy at this.
• Cypher calls Ult and asks him about Sunhoa running from them. Ult says that he did send her to watch the hangar, but he is at a loss as to why she ran off. Cypher asks about the disturbance overheard at the Imperial Consulate and the fate of the dark-haired woman. Ult explains that Lt. Commander Bella Vel is now dead. Ult indicates that if he was in Cypher’s position that he would investigate the yacht to find out more about what’s going on.
• Thinking that all of this is very strange and suspecting a trap or being set up for something, Hei decides to take a defensive position behind the boarding ramp while the rest of the party begins a hasty retreat from the hangar.
• The party decides to make their way to Quado’s ship to contact the Alliance.
• After a failed attempt by Cypher to disable the weapons detector in the hangar, the party reluctantly parts with all of their weapons.
• Using the security codes from Quado, the party enters the hangar and finds a somewhat beat up Ghroc 720 light freighter called The Broken Crown.
• The party uses the other set of security codes and enters the ship and starts it up.
• Hei receives a call from Uncle Eddie but decides to not answer it. A voice mail is left on Hei’s commlink that Hei listens to a few minutes later. It appears to be an unintentional call from Uncle Eddie. His muffled voice can be heard in the background talking to a couple of laughing females and the sounds of liquor being poured and glass clinks can be heard.
• The party contacts the Alliance and gives them an update on the current state of the mission. The Alliance indicates that it would be nice if the party could learn more about the gambling scheme (or they will need to send in another team in to investigate further), but it is also clear that the party is being pursued by multiple parties on Cloud City, and time is running out fast. The Alliance leaves it up to them whether to stay longer on Cloud City or return to base.
• The party elects to return to base and departs immediately. Von makes a successful astrogation check, and Hei pilots the ship.
• During the two days in hyperspace, Gara keeps to herself. Jam, Hei, and Cypher get to know Von.
• Von works on modifying his blaster.
• The ship emerges into real space and makes its way towards the swamp and jungle planet Jagomir.
• Resolute Base contacts them and gives them clearance to land.
• As the ship comes in for a landing on the freighter end of the tarmac, Hei can see that about a dozen Alliance soldiers are standing in formation at attention to greet them.
• The boarding ramp is lowered, and the party exits the ship.
• Lt. Var Narek greets them and has the soldiers salute them out of respect for a successful mission. He welcomes them back to the base and indicates that there will be a debriefing meeting in one hour.
• The party is relieved to see that Captain Ruse’s ship is nearby and powered down.
• Wanting his gear off of Captain Ruse’s ship, Jam approaches the ship and is greeted by the astromech droid AU. AU greets Jam enthusiastically and from the beeps and bops seems to be thanking him for his part in rescuing Captain Ruse and her crew. AU allows Jam aboard to retrieve his gear.
• While heading towards the barracks to stow their gear and relax a little before the debriefing, the party notices that the mood of the personnel aboard Resolute Base seems to be more somber than before.
• Gara approaches a nearby solider and inquiries about the mood of the base. She is told that a total of six soldiers have gone missing while on patrol. Presumably, the native wildlife got them, but no one has been able to find tracks and determine what exactly happened to any of them.
• Von seems keenly interested in this news since the swamp and jungle world of Jagomir is similar to his home world Rodia that used to have vicious predators on it.
• At the debriefing meeting, the Duros Commander Danel Qurno and the human Lt. Var Narek interview the party and ask for their theories on the gambling scheme. One theory offered up is that BlasTech Industries may be behind all of this.
• Commander Qurno is concerned about the possible link between BlasTech and the tibanna gas purchased from the Ugnaughts. He gives orders that the gas be carefully inspected before it is unloaded off of Captain Ruse’s ship.
• Commander Qurno is also very disturbed that the Cloud City operative Quado was discovered by the Empire. Given what is known, that shouldn’t have been possible. There seems to be a missing piece there.
• Lt. Var Narek points out to Hei that Uncle Eddies appears to have collected the bounty on the missing Huan. Huan is likely in the hands of the Empire now.
• Hei believes that his uncle is capable of doing something like this, but Hei is skeptical that he could pull off capturing Huan by himself.
• Lt. Var Narek also shows the party that Imperial bounties have been placed on each of them at 5,000 credits. Ult Kryze has claimed that he is pursuing these bounties.
• Commander Qurno is concerned about the party’s welfare. This Mandalorian bounty hunter seems both intelligent and battle capable, a dangerous combination.
• The party is congratulated for a successful mission of unraveling much of the gambling scheme and for rescuing Quado and Captain Ruse and her crew.
• A silver protocol droid comes in with several boxes, and Commander Qurno pins Alliance medals on each of the party members and salutes them. Hei, Gara, Cypher, and Jam receive the Distinguished Service Medal, and Von receives the Infantryman’s Badge. Huan is also recorded as having been awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.
• The party has earned at least a day of R&R, and they may request something of the Alliance if they wish. They may also choose a new code name for the group.
• Von asks Commander Qurno a few questions about the six missing soldiers and volunteers his services in trying to determine what happened to them. The commander welcomes any help that can be provided.


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