Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 7: 11/3/2016

Rescuing Captain Ruse & a New Rodian Friend


• The Imperial Interrogation Droid advances menacingly towards Cypher and Von. It warns the party to surrender and claims that reinforcements are on the way. The droid is quickly dispatched.
• The Zabrak male named Quado is freed from the metal table and healed up by Gara. He is the Alliance contact from the Termius cantina. During his torture sessions he gave up some Alliance codes and information about past missions on Cloud City.
• The Rodian named Von is questioned and after giving some Alliance passphrases is accepted as being on the same side.
• Quado and Gara thaw the four carbonite slabs in the other room. This frees Captain Ruse, Colst, Kay, and Makk Su. After being examined and the medical ministrations of Gara, Colst is in the worst shape suffering from hibernation sickness.
• Huan is out in the hallway re-stunning the Gamorrean and human guards.
• The Nikto and the Cathar named Sunoha are questioned. Sunoha claims to be an associate of Ult Kryz but offers up little more in the way of information.
• Quado and Captain Ruse urge the party to leave this area.
• Captain Ruse asks where Huan is.
• As the party departs out the entrance, Hei is stopped cold by two warning blaster shots coming from either end of the corridor.
• Ult Kryze in full Mandalorian armor, Peep, and a human thug are to the north.
• A dark-haired regal looking woman and several armed humans are to the south.
• The dark-haired woman speaks to the party with a haughty Core Worlds accent telling them to surrender by putting down their weapons and kneeling in front of the wall with their hands behind their heads.
• Hei balks at the idea of surrendering pointing out that the party has some of their group as prisoners.
• The dark-haired woman counters that that door is the only exit and that a murder corridor has been created by her group and the group to the north. They have five minutes to decide.
• Hei retreats back into the hallway and confers with the rest of the group.
• The option of surrendering is quickly discarded. Captain Ruse is asked for her assessment and offers up that we should make them come in to get us. We can dig in and fortify our positon if we act quickly.
• The party begins making preparations by taking positions in doorways and behind tables.
• Sunoha offers up a possibly alternative option. She asks if the party has Waz’s datapad and would be willing to hand it over to Ult. The party doesn’t have the data pad anymore. Sunoha thinks things over and asks if the party would be willing to offer full disclosure to Ult about what they’ve learned about the gambling operation. She explains that Ult is willing to work with the Empire because they pay well, but he doesn’t really like them. It is more important to Ult’s reputation to complete the mission for the Hutt that hired him.
• There’s some dissent in the party, but ultimately the terms are agreed to. Sunoha calls Ult using Cypher’s comm unit. Ult agrees to the terms, warning that full disclosure is what is being agreed to.
• Hei sets up an electronet trip wire at the doorway.
• The five minutes are up, and the group to the south moves towards the door.
• Ult and his group surprise the group to the south and begin firing on them.
• One of the humans tries to scramble in through the doorway but is electrocuted by the trip wire and shot in the back by a blaster bolt.
• Among the blaster fire in the hallway, a distinct sounding blaster can be heard.
• When it is quiet in the hallway, Ult looks around the corner, then comes striding through the doorway asking to speak with Cypher.
• Jam has some reservations about giving Ult all of the information and tries to communicate that to Cypher, but Cypher opts to honor the deal and tells Ult about everything they have learned up to this point. He only leaves out how they obtained some of the information.
• Cypher exchanges information on his data pad with Peep.
• Hei inquires if the bounties placed on Cypher and Huan can be removed. Ult explains that he put the bounties on them due to breaking into his ship, stealing a blaster pistol, and wounding Peep (Peep makes an obscene gesture at Cypher).
• When ships are mentioned during the conversation, Quado subtly nudges Jam. Later, it is learned that Quado did this to suggest that he had a ship of his own that could be used.
• Ult wants the blaster pistol back, so Cypher hands it over.
• Hei offers that the party could owe a favor to Ult. Ult thinks this over and agrees.
• During the conversation Hei lets it slip that there are more of the Xandy clan on Cloud City. Ult seems to find this interesting and amusing for some reason. Hei tries to cover things up by indicating that there are several more Xandy on Cloud City.
• Ult asks where Huan is. No one knows.
• The dark-haired woman escaped the battle.
• Ult and his crew leave.
• Quado, Captain Ruse, Colst, Kay and Makk Su head for Captain Ruse’s ship.
• Hei searches for clues about Huan’s disappearance. It appears that he was hit with a stun bolt while standing near the unconscious human guard. Further, it looks like he was taken to a nearby service elevator that goes up several maintenance levels.
• The party decides to make their way towards Captain Ruse’s ship. Once there, the plan is to contact the Alliance and see what the Alliance thinks should be done next. Stay on Cloud City a little longer or return immediately to Resolute Base.


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