Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 6: 10/20/2016

Answers from Zoz & Storming the Guarded Area


• An Ugnaught guard sitting in a chair outside of Zoz’s home is approached by Hei, Gara, and Jam.
• Huan and Cypher hang back out of sight in case things go wrong.
• The guard is suspicious at first, but after the group talks with him he eventually allows the three party members to go inside to meet with Zoz.
• A group of male Ugnaughts of various ages greets the three party members. The Ugnaughts are casually holding hydrospanners and other tools in their hands. Zoz is one of the Ugnaughts.
• Jam does most of the talking. A deal is negotiated to pay 50 credits and treat Zoz’s mother-in-law in exchange for information.
• From Zoz’s answers to the questions, the following is learned: He was hired by Waz and doesn’t know anything about the mysterious being in shadow. The credit stick pickups and drop-offs are in cantinas all over Cloud City. Zoz has a comm device that seems to operate off some sort of randomized instructions about where to pick up the credits, where to place the bets, and where to drop off the winnings. This job is a main source of income for Zoz’s family. Zoz also indicates that there have been sightings of a human woman and four human males on this maintenance level recently.
• Gara has academic knowledge of Ugnaught physiology. She examines Zoz’s mother-in-law. The mother is found to have pneumonia, and Gara gives instructions about a home remedy that should have the mother-in-law up and about in a week or so.
• Huan joins Hei, Gara, and Jam. From a quick look at Zoz’s comm device, Huan can tell that it is a higher end encrypted device and probably erases any instructions sent to it after 30 minutes have elapsed.
• Hei tries to intimidate Zoz into giving him the comm device. Zoz gets angry and speaks into a comm device to presumably summon more Ugnaughts. The party leaves in haste.
• While the entire group of five meet up to share information and discuss next steps, Tav is briefly mentioned.
• At that moment, Huan gets a call from Tav. She explains that her first attempt to use the Force to find Captain Ruse and her crew only resulted in a feeling of dread. When she tried again later though, she received some brief sensory impressions involving being in a warm place with lots of clanging, hissing sounds, and smelling of burnt metal and petroleum. She then had a brief vision of a dark room and something spherical and black rising in the darkness. Shen then had as a final fragment a loud scream of terror and a sense of intense cold and blackness.
• Huan is again skeptical of all of this, but he thanks her for the help and relays what he learned back to the party.
• Cypher has the idea to use his general purpose scanner to try and locate Captain Ruse and her organic crew on this level. He first tries scanning for comm signals in the area, but he only detects Ugnaught communications. He then confers with Gara about normal Ugnaught body temperature and tries scanning for non-Ugnaughts in the area. The scan is inconclusive. There seems to be too much heat and interference in this area to get accurate readings.
• Cypher then gets a call from Miner about the results of digging further into Waz’s data pad. Miner dryly points out that he was not told that the data pad had a tracking mechanism in it. Miner relays that after some difficulty he was able to disable the tracking mechanism. As a result of this and as a precaution, Miner had AU move Captain Ruse’s ship to a different level and hangar.
• Miner found some new information on the data pad about a YV-666 freighter belonging to Waz called the Morning Kath.
• He also discovered that recently a shipment of four Tenloss DX-2 pistols (highly illegal disruptor pistols) was delivered to Waz’s ship marked expedited.
• Miner inquires if the party needs any additional assistance, or if he should leave and report back to the Alliance. Cypher thinks it over and says that Miner should report back to the Alliance.
• Miner wishes the party luck on completing the mission.
• Meanwhile, the Rodian named Von wakes up to find himself tied to a metal chair in a dim room.
• After trying various tactics, Von finally manages to free himself by rubbing the rope against a sharp edge on a carbonite slab.
• Von can see that there are four carbonite slabs. Each contains the shape of a humanoid, but it is difficult to see more than that.
• Von looks around the room and miraculously finds a discarded and rusty box cutter on the floor. Using the box cutter, Von works on picking the lock on the only door in this room.
• The party decides to investigate the guarded area that Uncle Eddie found.
• Cypher uses the general scanner on this area and detects eight life forms in the area. He also gets a general idea of what’s behind the door to the guarded area.
• Cypher decides to peak around the corner to the south where the door to the guarded area is.
• He is immediately spotted by a human guard with a blaster rifle and a Gamorrean armed with an axe.
• Cypher takes off running down the corridor to the west. The human guard takes off after him.
• Hei, Gara, Huan, and Jam fire stun bolts into the human as he enters the intersection. The guard slumps to the metal floor. Cypher takes the blaster rifle off of him.
• The Gamorrean is seen speaking into a comm unit.
• Hei charges the Gamorrean firing his blaster on stun. Gara follows after him.
• The Gamorrean takes a stun bolt and staggers. He manages to find his footing and starts desperately working on the door mechanism to go inside.
• Gara fires a stun bolt into the Gamorrean’s head and the Gamorrean collapses to the floor.
• Huan and Cypher work on the door lock and manage to unlock it.
• The party press themselves to either side of the door and open the door.
• A volley of blaster fire screams down the hallway towards the party.
• There are four beings down the hallway using open doorways for partial cover as they fire at the party. A being is stationed to the north, another to the south, and two beings fire from the door to the east opposite the party.
• The doorway to the north has a human male with a blaster rifle. His blaster fire manages to hit Hei.
• Gara tends to Hei’s injury.
• The party focuses its blaster fire on the being with the blaster rifle and take him down. A human male collapses into the middle of the hallway.
• Meanwhile, dual blaster pistols are firing from the south. A flash of red hair can be seen in the doorway.
• The party focus their fire on the dual blaster wielding being and wound her severely judging from the cry and hiss she makes. A female voice from inside the room winces in pain that she is giving up.
• Cypher enters the hallway and makes for the doorway to the north.
• Meanwhile the two beings in the east doorway continue their barrage of blaster fire.
• Von manages to pick the lock open and opens the door. He sees a room with a being strapped to a metal table, a couple of metal chairs, and a chest.
• Some movement to his right catches Von’s eye. He turns to look and sees rising from the floor the dread black sphere of an Imperial Interrogation Droid floating towards him.
• Thinking fast, Von dashes back into the room he came from and emerges with the metal chair. He interposes the chair between himself and the droid uses the chair to push the droid back into a corner.
• Cypher takes up position in the doorway to the north. The party fires back at the two beings at the end of the hallway to the east and manage to down one.
• Von tries to shove the chair deeper and wedge it onto the Interrogation Droid. While he is doing this, he sees a panel open on the droid, and a nozzle emerges. Something green is then shot out towards the face of Von, but Von manages to dodge the spray. Behind him, the green spray hits the metal wall and drips down, hissing on the metal.
• Von decides to make a run for the chest and crosses the room. He throws open the chest and sees his things inside.
• One of the party members shouts to the last being firing to give up because he is outnumbered.
• The being withdraws into the room and thinks things over for a couple of seconds, perhaps regarding his fallen comrade near him. The being then says okay, and his blaster rifle is turned stock first towards the party then lowered slowly to the floor.
• The party tells him that he is free to leave. A Nikto tentatively comes out from around the door then sprints towards the exit.
• Hei doesn’t like the deal of letting the Nikto go and perhaps doesn’t like the look of the Nikto charging towards him, so he shoots him, catching the Nikto in the gut. The Nikto cries out in surprise and drops to the floor, nursing his stomach in agony.
• Cypher detects movement behind and turns around to see a dark green Rodian reaching for something in a chest and raises his blaster rifle, shaking his head in warning.
• The Rodian points frantically at the Interrogation droid with a chair wedge on it floating towards them.
• The Rodian continues reaching for the chest, so Cypher quickly changes the setting to stun and fires. The stun blast makes the Rodian woozy.


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