Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 4: 9/4/2016

Joaz & The Vulgar


• Cypher and Huan investigated the hangar and went aboard the ship inside which turned out to be the bounty hunter’s ship. A furry sentient creature inside fired his blaster at you and Cypher. You were wounded (stim packed later to full health) before Cypher found a blaster on the ship and incapacitated the furry guy so that you could both exit the ship and get away.
• Outside the hangar door Hei pretended to be browsing a jewelry vendor’s wares while keeping an eye on the hangar door. In the end, the Gamorrean came back and confronted Waz’s goons congregating outside the hangar door. Then the Wing Guard got involved sorting both sides of the issue.
• At this point Hei learned that Cypher and Huan were exiting the hangar through another door, so Hei walked away from the hangar where the Wing Guard was stilling sorting out the confrontation.
• Meanwhile, Jam saw a Zeltron female enter the Pair O’Dice casino with what turned out to be an Imperial officer. The Zeltron female was wearing a shock collar.
• Jam decided to rescue her and confronted the officer and started a fight.
• With the help of Gara, Jam and the Zeltron woman and Gara dash out of the casino and pull a “Huan trick” by saying that the casino is giving out free credits and causing a stampede that thwarted the Imperial officer from catching up to the group.
• Cypher remembers an area of Waz’s data pad that he didn’t investigate much before. He looks at it again and finds records of a courier service called Cloud Express (think FedEx). Some of the dates and times match up pretty closely to the mission briefing betting.
• Huan and Cypher open the back of the data pad and try to remove the tracking chip there, but the chip activates and shuts the data pad completely off with new security.
• Uncle Eddie reports in to Hei. Eddie learned where the Ugnaught Zoz lives but was not able to visit the home because it was guarded by some Ugnaughts Uncle Eddie had pissed off.
• Uncle Eddie also saw an armored man with a blaster rifle talking with a Cathar woman about some “bonus credits” in front of an area in the maintenance levels that appeared to be guarded.
• Uncle Eddie is paid the balance of his negotiated credits and heads off to the nearest cantina for a drink.
• The entire group decides to meet at the Terminus cantina to contact the Rebel Alliance person and figure out next steps.
• Huan removes the shock collar (with some help from Gara) from the Zeltron woman named Joaz with no problem (there was a risk of possibly blowing her head off).
• She is paid a couple hundred credits by the party. She plans to head back to either Zeltros or visit her sister at a shadowport called Port Tooga. Her sister has a shop there.
• At the Terminus cantina, the party learns from a droid that the Zabrak contact for the Alliance has not shown up for work which is completely out of character for him. The party assumes something bad has happened to him.
• The astromech droid AU tells Cypher that tibanna gas was successfully negotiated by Captain Ruse and delivered to the ship, but no word from Captain Ruse or the rest of the organic crew. AU hopes that the party will investigate and try to rescue them if something happened.
• The group kicks around the pros and cons of what to do next. There’s a day and a half left before the group needs to head back to base as instructed.
• Huan offers his opinion that there’s still time to try and complete the mission. Perhaps the lead of Cloud Express should be looked into.
• The party talks about applying for jobs at Cloud Express and learning more about Cloud Express such as the layout of the headquarters in the upper level of Cloud City.


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