Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

Session 3: 8/24/2016

Waz's Data Pad & The Colorful Uncle Eddie


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

After stunning Ult’s henchmen, the party obtained Waz’s data pad. Slicing into it revealed a shadowy figure with a computerized voice instructing Waz that the betting frequency and amounts will increase and that couriers will continue to be used. The transmission came from somewhere in the uppermost level of Cloud City.

Unable to contact Captain Ruse again or any of her organic crew, JAM and CYPHER persuaded the astromech droid R9-AU to divulge the captain’s mission. She was to meet with the Ugnaughts and purchase tibanna gas on behalf of the Alliance.

In the Tibanna Boom cantina HEI encountered his colorful Uncle Eddie who claimed to be in trouble with the Wing Guard and in need of credits. A negotiated deal sent Uncle Eddie into the industrial levels to search for the Ugnaught seen in the mission video known as Zoz.

Frustrated by the betting leads drying up, GARA and JAM bought upscale clothing and visited the Pair O’Dice casino and paired up with a couple of well-heeled patrons in the hope of finding new leads.

Meanwhile, a call from Waz and a visit by his thugs accompanied by a certain hulking Trandoshan and vicious-looking Twi’lek caused HUAN, HEI, and CYPHER to bolt from the Tibanna Boom cantina and head to hangar 31 D on level 127. There, a Gamorrean exited the hangar allowing HUAN and CYPHER to dart inside, but HEI was too slow and was cut off from his allies as Waz’s goons approach….


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