Session 12 Crawler

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

The party ventured into a cave and quickly discovered they were in a nightmarish place. The walls were made of flesh and protected by worm-like creatures with savage teeth that lurk behind the walls. Delving deeper into the cave and down a corridor, the party was attacked by two one-eyed canine-like creatures that emerged from the walls. VON and JAM were bitten before the creatures were killed.

The corridor opened into a wide cavern filled with strange sights. Amber embryonic sacks of various sizes held bizarre creatures floating or swimming within. Five humanoid beings suddenly emerged from the cavern walls and surrounded the party. Their white faces were covered with scars, piercings, and tattoos. They wore either black spiked armor or a robe, and each carried a writhing snake staff in their hands. JAM tried to negotiate with the fearsome beings, but it was unclear from their guttural hisses and clicking speech that they understood. The beings insisted that the party drop their weapons, and one of them prodded JAM forward with his staff until tentacles came down from the ceiling and lifted JAM up and held him upside down against a bed of orange ovals. White hot pain began coursing through JAM’S body and intensified if he struggled.

At this the party leap into action and retrieved their weapons. A tremendous battle ensued with HEI shooting on autofire as the other party members backed up and opened fire. During the course of the fray, JAM’S threatening speech and his powerful Zeltron pheromones convinced one of the armored beings to free him. VON was blinded during the fight by a glob of yellow spit fired from one of the snake staffs, and GARA took a brutal slash and a whip strike that downed her.

As the armored beings began dropping, the robed being ran towards a weird control panel and fiddled with it. Soon after, a hulking chimera of flesh burst from a wall and lumbered into the battle. HEI scooped up GARA in his arms and backed up to where CYPHER and the rest were focusing their fire on the abomination and managed to knock it prone. In a berserk rage, the thing lashed out and knocked VON into a wall. Luckily, the freed JAM had chased down and killed the robed being by now, and with his dueling blaster he fired a devastating shot from behind that cut a ravine down the behemoth’s back and into its head, killing it.

With GARA stimmed up and on her feet, the party explored the cavern and the rest of the passageways. After going up some stairs that opened into another cavern, the party discovered three flesh pillars, a boneyard, a foul-smelling pit with meat dissolving in it, and what looked a flesh door to another corridor. The party explored an open corridor leading out of the cavern and found that it led to fresh air outside on the other side of the mountain.

Curious about the strange door, the party headed back in and examined the door more closely. Finding no way to open it, HEI and VON began firing on it hoping to blast their way in. The hail of blaster fire did little to damage the door, but then the whole place began to shake violently as if there was an earthquake. In the confusion, the party split up into two groups. One group ran for the newly discovered exit while the other group ran for the front entrance. CYPHER stumbled in his haste and was almost bit by one of the wall creatures that swarmed towards both fleeing groups. Once safely outside in the dusk of Jagomir, the two groups commed each other and made plans to descend the mountain from their respective sides and meet up to ride the speeder bikes back to Resolute Base….

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Parting the Clouds

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